We’re being taken over by robots, please start with Washington!


We’re being taken over by robots, please start with Washington!


When I was a kid I loved going to the museum of science and industry and ill tell you my favorite thing next

I remember they had a booth, and you’d sit in the both and your friend would sit in the other booth. Then you could pick up phone and hear and see each other on a black and white monitor; that tells you how old I am.

then a male voice came on the speaker and said
male voice:  In the next 50 years this will happen.
Low and behold, bam here we are, quicker than we thought. we went from a telephone to an i-phone. Now we’re able to say hello to our family members with video. “Hi mom, yeah, I know, I know, pack clean underwear, yeah I got it.
We’re so advanced nowadays that we have robots that can do some of our easy tasks that we don’t want to do, like vacuum our homes. They even have robots that marry people.

So if robots are being used to cut cost and because of their intelligence, well, maybe we can put a few of them in Washington!

If we don’t like ‘em, we unplug ‘em; if they fight, we sell tickets to it.  Like Rockin Sockem Robots.
Oh, and for those of you that think robots are gonna take over the world, well I have news for ya, there’s one job that they’ll never be able to replace … MOM!

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Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle