Vaccinate your kids, and cover your mouth!


Vaccinate your kids, and cover your mouth!  

I’m Will Roberts and this is the Daily Scream AHHH here we go!
Well today … Ahh hold on .. CHEW! Sorry, didn’t cover my mouth… But why should I, if you don’t vaccinate your kids, why should I cover my mouth… get it? Vaccinate for measles!

Ok, so something I see everyday that guys and gals do wrong or don`t do at all, manners! Or lack thereof. Manners is the type of thing that you can`t help someone with at the time it is NOT happening. Here is what I mean: If you see a guy walking with his lady and he comes to a door and does not open it for her, you can`t run up and help the guy out. If you did, it would make the guy look bad, and it might also make you look bad when he punches you for opening up the door for his lady.
But a little manners go a long way, things like: Sneezing and covering your mouth, Burping, guys, burping in public does not impress your date, even if you can burp the ABC’s. In fact, you go quickly from the frog prince to Jeremiah, the bullfrog.

Gets some manners and keep um!


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