The Ultimate Stress Reliever: ClimateMaster


The Ultimate Stress Reliever: ClimateMaster

by Henry Morse

The goal of the American homeowner? Quiet. Peace and quiet. A home to come back to at night and relax, enjoying family and friends and making the overall quality of life better. Relaxation is key. (Ask any doctor you want to back up this fact.) Tension and anxiety that can harm a person’s health can be released by simply sitting in an area that makes them feel better…their home.


To receive that peace – of both mind and environment – making a smart investment when it comes to your home is number one on the list. Whether retrofitting or building from scratch – purchasing a property, hiring the labor needed to do everything from tar the roof to create the perfect landscaping – every factor has to be taken into consideration when it comes to costs.


Installing a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system into your home is literally the best investment you can make. Studies, research, customer satisfaction – every avenue you can imagine has given the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems the thumbs-up as being the ultimate tool to save money.


The upfront costs of purchasing and installing a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system is higher than that of other traditional heating and cooling sources – from propane to gas furnaces to HVAC – but this initial investment pays off big-time for the homeowners who make the smartclimate pic choice. Electric bills were cut 70-80% and in just a few short years, the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system not only paid for itself, but it put an extreme amount of spendable income back into the homeowner’s pocket.


The long life of the geothermal heating and cooling system, combined with the huge energy efficiency that comes with the system, has made over one million American homeowners see the light and install a ClimateMaster geothermal and heating cooling system.


The federal government, who most know does not usually give back money to the American consumer, makes sure to show their support with a 30% guaranteed tax credit given to those wise investors who went the geothermal route. And with the individual states on board that will also offer incentives to the purchaser depending on their location, everything points to the fact that a ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system must be the first investment homeowners make.


Instant gratification also comes with the ClimateMaster technology. Tension is eased. Whether you’ve driven home in a blizzard, or sweated in the car in a hideously humid day, walking into a home that’s perfectly heated or cooled by a system that saves money and energy at all times, allows stress to be left on the doorstep.


There is never that hideous noise of an HVAC system lumbering just to keep up with the blistering temperatures outside. And the low electric bills relieve the burden from the American homeowner’s shoulders.


Traditional HVAC systems have to work extremely hard to create cool air, using a tremendous amount of electricity to do just that. With the ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling system, creating cool air is not necessary; because it simply transfers the right air temperature from a source directly under your house.


The EPA Energy Savers initiative estimates that geothermal systems use 25-50% less energy than traditional methods by using the constant natural resource of the earth. And with more than a million ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems now installed in the United States, a tremendous amount of energy is saved – energy that equals that of planting more than 350+ million trees.


The monthly utility bill drops like a stone, which means the perfect air quality and temperatures stay inside as the worry and tension of rising costs heads straight out the window.


Bring on the peace and quiet and leave tension at the door. Head to: today!

Source: Baret News Wire