The Red Carpet Meets the Gridiron


The Red Carpet Meets the Gridiron

~ Amy Lignor


Oddly enough, this Sunday it didn’t matter what your choice of lifestyle was: whether it be engrossed in the celebrities walking the red carpet at the Emmy’s – winning their awards, and smiling brightly when they lost – or a loyal fan engrossed in the game of football who Emmy Awards, NFL, celebrities, entertainment, AMERICA’S GAME OF THE WEEK, red carpetwanted to hear all about the match-ups. Why is that, you ask? Because the NFL actually sat on the red carpet this year and ingratiated themselves with the celebs.

It was not only informative…it was hysterical. There were camera flashes popping, yet they were focusing in on Howie Long, Terry Bradshaw and gang as they hosted two big rivalries this week. As it is when other entertainment shows start interviewing the best of the best in television, the NFL had their own fashion guide that spoke negatively about the new San Francisco 49ers black outfits: thumbs down to those. And spoke on the upside about how amazingly wonderful those Bengals look in their orange striped helmets.

The Emmy’s are loved by millions of people who dote on those stars and that fashion talk. But in actuality, when you speak about “celebrity status,” there are many in the sport of football who far outrank the ones on television. Just think: Tom Brady’s name has seen headlines for something even sillier than most of the Hollywood gossip in the past few months. Yes, he’s pretty enough to be on TV; but his deflated balls seemed to take over the news for far too long.

When it comes to the NFL, the gridiron being a part of Emmy night is not all that odd. FOX NFL SUNDAY has actually been the winner of TWENTY (count em: 20!) Emmys (Sports) and has ranked among the most iconic TV shows in terms of success and, goodness knows, longevity. So as the men sat at the desk on the red carpet of the 67th Emmy awards on Sunday, the crowd behind them, dutifully dressed in their team favorites, were loving the first time this sports-themed show came face-to face with the celebrity world of L.A.

The gang kicked off the excitement, and then stars later that day talked about football (most likely many had the game playing in their ears, seeing as that they were huge football fans and wanted to be home watching the game in front of a TV set instead of being in a tailored tux.) They talked about the Giants going under (again) early in the day, and gasped when they spoke about the Dallas Cowboys losing their QB…something that will have them worried for a while. And a few comments were thrown in regarding who should and would win the Emmy awards that evening.

There is another first where this was concerned. This was the 2015 season’s first installment of AMERICA’S GAME OF THE WEEK, which was the NFC East divisional showdown featuring the Dallas Cowboys at the Philadelphia Eagles. Last season this game of the week averaged over 26 million viewers, becoming the most-watched show in television for the last six seasons.

So who really won on Sunday? Well, even though it was a live broadcast the NFL men did a spectacular job on the red carpet. They had fun, brought laughs, and showed that sports and celebrity can intermingle quite easily. The losers? Well, Eli Manning and his Giants will be ridiculed all next week. And when it comes to Tony Romo and crew, even though they have come out 2-0 they should have scrapped the game and gone to the awards show instead. They would have had a way better time. As far as the Eagles, they gave the worst performance by an offense in football – a performance that was so bad Eagles’ fans were screaming at their so-called beloved team.


Now THAT’s compelling T.V.


Source:  Baret News