The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairytale

This new twist on the popular fairy tale The Princess and the Pea tells the story an autistic princess who returns to her palace after The Princess and the Rubyyears and while her father is sure she is the long-lost princess, the new queen has her doubts. Thus comes the secret test for determining her relation to the palace and the king.

In The Princess and the Ruby (Loving Healing Press, 2013), author Jewel Kats and illustrator Richa Kinra educate young readers about the importance of sensitivity. Running parallel to the sensitivity of the autistic princess is the lesson of sensitivity to the special needs of other children and respecting their unique differences; the latter showing in the King’s approval of the autistic princess’s fondness for rocks instead of jewels.

With growing prevalence of autism among children in our times, with one in every 50 children reportedly autistic, Kats’ book is an asset to parents and educators who need to educate kids on positively interacting with autistic children, whether at school, home, or in the neighborhood.

The full-page illustrations in the book are eye-catching and the title is a valuable addition to the world of juvenile fiction.

ISBN: 978-1615991754

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