The Power to ‘Testify!’


The Power to ‘Testify!’


For a time, the subject of testimonials appearing on websites became almost as non-existent as references attached to resumes to land a job – both became nonessential and were no longer read by viewers or Human Resources. But as time went forward, people learned from Social Media Teams that know what they’re doing, that the world of testimonials is just as important as a great website that catches the eye. In fact, the one industry that has continued to run on reviews is the publishing world. Even though the ‘cover art’ of a book may be spectacular, having testimonials by other ‘big name’ authors always helps readers buy the book.


Now, on the downside, testimonials used on the cover of books or for a book’s marketing are still those two to three line paragraphs #4that state how much the ‘big-name’ author loved the book. Although sites such as Goodreads now offer those huge reviews that have people searching the site in order to get more detailed information from a reader, the back cover testimonials are still an essential part of purchase.


In the social media realm, however, those short and random testimonials are no longer working. More and more, with the extremely huge competition out there in almost every industry you can think of, testimonials have to be beyond credible. They have to deliver the statement to the rest of us ‘normal humans’ out here reading, that not only is this particular company the ‘best of the best,’ but also list the reasons why.


Clients who love your company and want to write about it are great to have. However, it’s important to have that Social Media Team on hand 24/7 in order to go one step further with these ‘fans.’ Getting permission from these clients to perhaps add a profile photo, name, business title, etc., enhances their testimonial, making it one of those few out there that reaches out to other clients and brings them in the door. And, no, you’re not going to become a pest – not when you have a Social Media Team that knows how to make it happen without the ‘bothersome’ quality that some brands and businesses offer.


Do you only need celebrities? Those well-known figures that all us normal humans know on sight? Well…that depends on the product. Yes, if working on a movie or television device, or new ‘must have’ product, it IS amazing to have a true testimonial from a ‘face’ that everyone already trusts. Again, that photo is an essential part, especially if you can show the famous person actually utilizing the device. That is a sure fire way to attract attention.


In addition, using the Twitter world to send tweets to everyone out there is also essential. And with a photo, it becomes a sure-fire way to get the edge over your competition.


As many will tell you, tweets are also good when it comes to credibility and authenticity, seeing as that each one has a time stamp so that people can see when this was tweeted, how long its been used, etc. And embedding tweets in your own website is a great way to prove that everything is ‘present-day’ – which  can be done correctly with a Social Media Team that understands coding and programming – raising your website from ‘good’ to ‘grand.’


Product reviews from normal citizens also still work because they are ‘straight from the horse’s mouth,’ so to speak. They are written by very real people who have used your products and want to make sure that their friends and family know about their positive experience. And if you sell products on your site, the reviews are a must. Many studies have been done that show over 70% of Americans look at your reviews before purchasing anything for themselves. There are also other statistics you should be aware of before leaving the idea of reviews or testimonials by the wayside. 75% of reviews are positive, which makes over 70% of readers feel comfortable about buying your products. Almost 50% of readers have said that they read a minimum of four reviews before becoming comfortable, and then, if those reviews are present, over 70% will become paying customers.


If you are a small business, reviews are beyond a ‘must have’ to build your brand name and become the one that’s being ‘buzzed’ about. If your site or blog runs on WordPress, plug-ins such as, WP Customer Reviews, are offered that provide you with everything you need.


By the way…don’t fake it. Testimonials must be real. If not, if you simply make them appear out of thin air, then there are not only financial penalties involved, but your company will literally end up straight down the tubes because of the simple matter of building trust. In other words…if your products aren’t good, work harder to make them great. And even though you may believe that a computer screen looks viable and authentic – there are always ways to tell that it is absolutely not!


Be the brand that everyone wants by having the products everyone needs!