The NFL’s Dosey Doe

The NFL’s Dosey Doe

~ Amy Lignor 

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If the San Diego Chargers lose, the Baltimore Ravens go into the post-season; if they both lose, yada, yada, yada. Seattle can clip home field advantage with a win over the Rams and a non-tie between Green Bay and Detroit. The Steelers need to hit the Bengals hard if they’re going in, as well as winning their division. The Packers and Detroit need to face-off in Green Bay (which was the best game on TV), to find out who wins that division… Boy there was a whole heck of a lot of watching TV this weekend when it came to the NFL, and most games relied on someone else winning. It was a real ‘Brother Helping Brother’ situation, aye?


Well…here’s a rundown on what games and what issues most football lovers even cared about.


Redskins did go out with a ‘duh’, much like the way they played the whole year. Adding fuel to the fire of people looking at the experts and screaming: “How ‘Bout Dem Boys!” Yes, they proved everyone wrong and let everyone know that they cannot lose on the road. However…Green Bay is a whole new world in the freezing cold temps, especially with a QB who seems to be on a mission to win this year, so the Cowboys have a long way to go. Although many fans are crossing their fingers and hoping it is the Cowboys who meet Seattle in Seattle, because they knocked their lights out there once this season, and it would be great to see them do it again.


Ravens are now ordering up the fruit baskets to send to the Kansas City Chiefs locker room. Why is that? Because this weekend the Kansas City bro helped them more than they could possibly imagine, slamming the Chargers and allowing the Ravens to gain the wild card seat.


The Packers win. Not only do they win, but boy did they do it with as much drama as humanly possible. Rodgers made sure that the world knew that no calf, and no idiot stepping on his leg with his cleats when he was down, was going to stop him from being the best in the world’s eyes – or, at least in the eyes of the major Green Bay fans. (If he’s not the MVP of the league this year…it will be incredibly wrong).


The NFC West was a huge disappointment. The Arizona Cardinals worked their behinds off this year going through major adversity to hold their heads high and knock down teams that should have beaten them. Unfortunately, Seattle came alive and got their bullying ways back and ended up clinching the division by taking down the Rams. With that, they receive home field advantage and a week off. This was the only division that seemed like highway-robbery had occurred. This is a team that looked like they had been partying too much from their Super Bowl win last year when this season first began and yet, here they are again. And it won’t be a surprise when this competition leans away from major players who play the game with style and class to a screaming match at some point. Just remember, the headlines are now in the Seattle locker room where “Thanks for askin” is being said over and over. People defend this guy, even though they called Kap of the 49ers almost treasonous because he said less than 150 words during an interview. Give fans a break, will ya?


The Houston Texans had hopes. They no longer have them. The Philadelphia Eagles as well as the New York Giants came out and played like banshees yesterday against each other, with the Eagles coming out with the win. Unfortunately, for both it was too little too late, but they certainly let everyone know that there’s always next year.
And, yes, those Dallas Cowboys are wearing smiles on their faces. They have a new Big Three in the Big D and they played their hearts out. Surprisingly, all three stayed in a game they really didn’t need to win far after they had already beaten the Redskins. If one of them had gotten hurt – if Murray’s already messed up hand or Romo’s already messed up back had been destroyed – Jerryworld would have been really unhappy. BUT…they are all just fine and heading into the post-season as the hottest ticket out there.


Detroit, seeing as that they lost the division to Green Bay yesterday, are the ones headed to that hot Big D. So The D & D Play in the Big D…and the way it looks right now, unless Romo decides ‘I’ve gone far enough this year,’ the Dallas Cowboys will be seeing more of this post-season.


In the AFC? Patriots lost…and it didn’t matter one iota. Already clinching the division, a bye, and home field, yesterday’s game was basically a no-need. They have some time off to heal, get ready, and – for AFC fans – because they look like the only AFC team that could beat the Packers or Seattle in the Super Bowl, giving the world an actual interesting Super Bowl which we haven’t had for a long time, a chance to gear up and win the AFC Championship in order to head to the Super Bowl.


Bucs lose, getting the number one overall pick in next year’s draft.


And when it comes to coaching, what a mess. The Jets (no surprise) have fired Rex Ryan, their coach AND their GM, perhaps they will become a baseball team?


Most idiotic move? Jim Harbaugh set a high bar in San Fran in only 4 seasons. Why he’s leaving is anyone’s guess. Losing Harbaugh in the 49ers organization, with all that he has achieved, seems about as dumb as possible. And Harbaugh going to a college team? That, again, seems ridiculous considering there are pro football teams desperate for a coach of his caliber: Oakland, Jets, and the list goes on. Coaching in college? For the Michigan Wolverines? Well, there is a lot of money involved then, because for Harbaugh he’s certainly not taking a step back just for the challenge of it all.


Oh…Denver, you ask? Well, of course, their game really didn’t matter either. Denver knows they will go through Brady and the Patriots if everything goes according to plan. So even though they will have a game first, they need to prepare for what most fans see as the AFC Championship game.


So people…grab your partner, dosey doe, because…HERE WE GO!


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle