The NFL Season is Never a Given


The NFL Season is Never a Given

by Amy Lignor

This is why ‘experts’ should only be seen as people with ‘opinions’. In other words, there is NO given when it comes to the NFL, or who, exactly, will head into Arizona and face each other in the images (10)Super Bowl. Everyone has a bad day. When it comes to Aaron and the Green Bay Packers, it may mystify fans, but they were beaten yesterday by the Buffalo Bills. The Bills? I have to say, I have not even heard of the Buffalo Bills since I was back in high school and a QB named Jim kept taking them to the Super Bowl over and over again. Four times he walked onto that gridiron for the big win…four times, he lost. Oddly enough, the Bills seem to be returning with a vengeance a couple decades later. Now…because of this loss, Detroit had their win, so this is one NFC division that will come down to the wire. Interesting…


Eli Manning, the QB (two-time Super Bowl winner, of course, which is what everyone seems to forget), decided to make the Redskins persona look even worse. RGIII had to come in due to injury, and his career got yet another splotch on it when the Giants took down the Skins.


Everyone everywhere wants to talk about the stunning Seattle – even though it was just a few weeks back that everyone – every expert – panned these guys saying they hated each and every one of them. That the Super Bowl winners would not and could not repeat, no matter how hard they tried. Oddly enough, now they are the darlings of the NFL once again, eighty-sixing the Niners from playing any part in the post-season this year. The Niners are out…goodbye Harbaugh? Goodbye Kap? Or will the upper management of SanFran realize that they need to keep both their QB and their coach because all they had was a bad season. This is the first time since this dynasty missed the post-season under Harbaugh, but the Niners are not a team to simply disappear. Oh, and yes, after the game Kap did speak well, far over 100 words.


The NFC is always talked about. However, the AFC, the semi-quiet ones, are the ones who should be congratulated today. Three CLINCHERS. No, not surprising clinchers, but they CLINCHED. Therefore, some pats on the back should be passed out here.


The first? A pat to the Pats. The team that at the beginning of this season was panned and said to have an old, out-of-date QB who should retire. Yet again, valuable expert opinions. Tom Brady got mad. In fact, he has been spewing a lot of anger this season, and it seems to be working. Yeah, right, he’s so old. I hope he gets his heart meds after he has a flare-up. Is it a shocker that the Patriots won? Nope. They fed on the Dolphins like sharks…without even breaking a sweat. Yes, they lost at Green Bay this season. However, think carefully, if Green Bay meets them in the Super Bowl they would play in Arizona, so both these cold weather teams will be sweating and that would be a seriously great match-up. If we have to sit through Seattle again, that’s just gonna be a whole lot of talking and yapping from Sherman, even though Wilson is the only one anybody wants to see play. The only thing to watch if Seattle goes back will be the commercials.


Colts CLINCHED, as well. Not pretty…QB is still an interception thrower to the extreme. But Luck seems to have Luck going for him, AND he is always allowed a fourth quarter which seems to be the time he wakes up and says: “Oh, right, we need to win this.”


The third CLINCHER…again, not a surprise, was Manning and his Broncos. Although, the most interesting part of the game was watching an (older) QB throw a block that sent him to the locker room. Bad idea, Peyton. Your team wants to go back to the Super Bowl. They need you if that fantasy is going to come true.


Were there other games that the experts completely screwed up? Oh, sure. But in the end, the NFC is the most competitive, and the AFC is basically decided, with that old, out-of-date, Tom Brady leading the pack.


The most fun this football week? Two 2-11 teams – Titans and Jets. This was just as silly as it gets. Huge fight, Geno Smith gets hit, tempers flare…but, why? You both suck equally. Oh, wait, no you don’t. The seconds tick away and it seems that everyone on the Titans threw the football back and forth to each other going down the field in order to make some perfect moment on film where everyone on the team (and perhaps any fan there), got their hand on the ball and carried it to the end zone (a lot like the marathon runners who carry the Olympic torch). Of course, it wasn’t the perfect ‘clip’ that will go down in history. It looked unbelievably inane and embarrassing. Even more embarrassing? They showed that the Jets are better than they are. You won 3! GO JETS. Maybe before the year ends, there will be a 4th win in that column.


Who knows? Just to mess everyone up, and prove the experts really are completely useless, the Super Bowl could star the Cowboys versus the Patriots. Okay for many, I am sure. There are millions who would rather suck it up and deal with watching Jerry Jones smile before having to deal with the Seahawks classless play.


PSST…by the way, even though you cannot stop yapping about Seattle, the Cardinals are the ones who CLINCHED a playoff spot in the division yesterday. So don’t count any chickens (or Seahawks) until they’re hatched.


Original Source: Baret News