The NFL Season Begins With…Surprise! Controversy


The NFL Season Begins With…Surprise! Controversy

~by Amy Lignor


A typical household conversation in 2015:


“No Mom, he did it!”


“Umm…the Patriots.”


“Yeah…umm…I’m sure Tom Brady broke your china closet. I mean, after all, he does everything wrong…doesn’t he?”


Oh, yes, the football season began on Thursday night (finally) and, instead of cheering for the home team and screaming for the fact that the defending Super Bowl champions looked just like a defending Super Bowl champion should look, all the talk centered around were headsets that malfunctioned. Really? Even haters of the Patriots saw that and rolled their eyes.


As we all know, when you are at the top, you will continuously be knocked down. From Spygate to Deflategate to now, Headsetgate, the only thing on NFL fans’ minds is when GiveMeABreakGate will happen. We’re all ready for that one.


Patriots-Steelers_2005The opening night of the regular NFL season was between the Steelers and the Pats on Thursday night and the game, itself, was great to see. Horrific downpours occurred as people watched the Steelers QB do a great job. Ben Roethlisberger had passing yards that were absolutely crazy and he even hung in there to make sure they got a last-few-seconds TD to keep them in the game until the very, very end. Unfortunately, after the game, his Head Coach Mike Tomlin, wanted to talk about how the technological devices (headsets) did not work in New England. And, worse, how they never do when he comes to call.

The reason Pittsburgh lost, however, is much easier to pinpoint than them having to deal with interruptions by a “Patriots Radio Broadcast” that Tomlin said he had to deal with for the entire first half. So what is this “easy” reason why his team really lost?


There is a player on the Patriots field that is tall, large, and has been called by many experts as being the best in the game of football at the moment. Rob Gronkowski, better known as Gronk, is the TE of the Pats and is one player that needs to be covered when it comes to defending the end zone. The Steelers secondary didn’t seem to get this point and Gronk was able to score three TD’s in the game because he was left free to do so. It also helped that Brady didn’t throw for one interception, just four touchdowns, to make his night a big one.

The headset issue died down on Saturday, thankfully, when the Pats were cleared of actually trying to mess up the Steelers’ headsets. But were the Steelers in the clear as far as issues were concerned? Not quite. A news story was printed that a Steelers coach kicked a Patriots fan. True or not?


James Daniel, Steelers TE Coach, is being investigated for supposedly getting into it with a Pats fan on his way to the locker room at halftime. He was seen “allegedly” kicking the fan in the back of his leg and yelling at the fan in front of witnesses. When James Daniel returned to the coaching booth as the second half was about to begin, he was met by NFL security and the police. At which point, again “allegedly,” the coach began yelling at police.


So it seems that this time around the Pats were cleared fairly fast and the Steelers have to deal with their own investigation. Perhaps Coach Daniel drank some of that famous warm Gatorade that the Pats “put out” for the visiting teams and simply couldn’t take it anymore.


But, if I had to bet, I would say that particular TE coach was just mad and wishing that TE Gronk played for him.


Source:  Baret News