The Experts Return and the Swami Says…


The Experts Return and the Swami Says…

~ by Amy Lignor

Yes, he is the “Swami” and has been for ages. It was a pleasure for many to see Chris Berman back on ESPN talking only NFL football. Berman’s favorite line: HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY, is something everyone will love to hear on Sunday night when the NFL has its first BIG day and the winners and losers post their 1-0 or 0-1 record.

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On Monday morning we will be hearing all the sports shows go over every minute of every game. So…will Peyton Manning look like he always does? Will his brother, Eli, prove right off the bat on Sunday Night that he actually deserves that awesome contract extension that he just landed; or, will Romo and the Cowboys come out at home and show everyone that losing their star RB doesn’t matter at all, because they are bound and determined to reach the Super Bowl this year. Rex Ryan coaching the Bills: Will he work? Will Chicago be able to score a TD versus the Packers? (One team that experts say is going to the Super Bowl this year if they can beat Seattle.) Who knows? But Soldier Field will be lit up, seeing as that this is a rivalry that has happened for 190 games, thus far, so it should be fun to see Bears QB Cutler take on a team that people assume cannot be beat. And…will Seattle even be able to get there? Gosh knows they should, considering how much money they just passed out. One teammate, Kam Chancellor, is holding out for more. Will greed be their undoing? It just might be. And those teams that are not talked about a great deal…will San Francisco surprise everyone as being the serious underdog, only to creep up the ladder while no one is looking and end up playing in San Fran for the 50th? The Giants did it once upon a time.


And talk about the commercials! You always know when the NFL season has begun because the ads get a whole heck of a lot better. You gotta love the XBOX commercial. A classroom where Drew Brees raises his hand constantly; Richard Sherman, in glasses, tries to be the classroom geek, and even his teammate Lynch appears to say: “I’ve been here all the time.” A little dig there at his coach who decided last year to throw an interception in the Super Bowl instead of just giving it to Lynch who would have walked it in for a TD and another trophy. How about the new lite beer commercial with Troy Aikman dwelling in the past? These things are great to watch!

But Berman, the Swami, gave out his first two-minute drill to let you know what IS going to happen this football season. He reflected on last year by saying: “Could the Seahawks win three in a row? Nope. Couldn’t even win two.” That longest yard for the Seahawks did them in, and they were really mad because deflated footballs couldn’t be blamed.


Other facts: Running backs are drafted in the first round this year instead of concentrating only on QBs.


The extra point being kicked from the 33-yard-line have caused fourteen to be missed during preseason. It will not be a shock to see more and more two-point conversions popping up on the field.


In the end, the Swami spoke about HIS choice as to who will be going to San Francisco’s new stadium with flowers in their hair for the 50th Super Bowl to be played. The Swami states it will be: Baltimore Ravens versus Seattle Seahawks. Is he right? He’s been right before. But this season has people injured during preseason that will be sorely missed by the “best” teams. There are defenses that are strong contenders coming out of nowhere. There are rookies already making names for themselves, big stars being shot down to third-string (sorry RGIII), and there’s something in the air this year as far as “oddities” are concerned. In other words, this is one football lover who does not see a meeting of the “birds” for the 50th Super Bowl.

The experts have spoken all week…now watch for them to “alter” their opinions when Monday rolls around. Berman, however, will not change. What the Swami says; the Swami sticks to.

All fans know is, we are SO happy that Berman and the rest of the Sunday NFL Countdown crew is back in action!

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Source:  Baret News