The Coach of the Year for the NFL?

The Coach of the Year for the NFL?

~Amy Lignor

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When it comes to the end…who will go to the Super Bowl, there are a great many scenarios out there that fans are screaming for. The most accepted seems to be for the AFC’s Broncos or Patriots to walk into Arizona and meet up with the NFC’s contender, which most people are hoping will be Dallas or Green Bay. Yes, the Seahawks are certainly in the right position to defend their title even though their early season made them look like they would barely be an 8-8 team at the end of all this. But fans want a real game this year, and seeing the re-established Cowboys or the Packers face off in Arizona against the Pats or Broncos would at least be a game that would be awesome to watch. After all, most Super Bowls as of late were just tuned in on peoples’ screens in order to see the ads and enjoy the half-time show. It really is time to bring back a very close and very cool football match this time around.

And when it comes to MVP’s, there is also a hearty list out there. But when people are really grilled about what they think, it is Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay that pops out of their mouths. It also helps him that, in order to win the division and send Detroit packing off the frozen tundra, he managed to come back out on the field, grimacing and limping at times, in order to make sure that HE was the man leading the charge and snatching the division out from the Lions’ jaws.

But when it comes to coaching MVP in the NFL, this choice becomes far more difficult. Fans have seen the yelling, the defeat, the changes, the transformations; heck, the end of the regular season was as confusing as the season, itself.

A name that was most definitely NOT on the MVP Coach list at the beginning of the year is now a good favorite. Jason Garrett deserves kudos. Whether you are a Cowboys fan or not, you have got to pat this guy on the back for standing tall and quiet, taking the ribbing and the smacks when it came to just how bad his football team was when they were (supposedly, per the experts) going to be no higher than 8-8 (if they were lucky) this year. An extra pat is deserved considering Garrett has gone through this with the boss of Jerry Jones above his head at all times. Jason has to deal with Jerry in order to keep his job; that, alone, makes him a top candidate for Coach of the Year.

The Cowboys QB Tony Romo hailed Garrett as; “The best head coach in the league that no one talks about.” Well…looks like they’re talking now.

You also have to give a huge shout-out to Arizona head coach Bruce Arians. Even though the Seattle Seahawks managed to get back in the competition and are now once again annoying everyone with their ridiculous locker room talk and bullying attitudes, it really was a robbery to most that the Cardinals – after all the work they’ve accomplished – would not come away with the division title. Key injuries most definitely hurt the Cardinals, but Arians is one coach who deserves a ton of praise for the winning team he created.

Seattle’s Pete Carroll is in the conversation, but it still remains that the Seahawks are: A) Who they are, and B) the fact that the Dallas Cowboys have not only done far more of a dramatic turn when it comes to winning in the NFL, but also beat Seattle on the Seahawks own home turf this season.

Mike McCarthy in Green Bay is a star. Not the only one in Packers history, of course. You are talking about THE team that carries the weight of Vince Lombardi on their shoulders, and the way Mike is coaching and Rodgers is playing, this is the team that may just bring the Lombardi trophy back home this season. Capturing the NFC North title, yet again, yesterday shows that this is one coach that remains underrated, but incredible.

The Harbaugh boys…well, one is happy, although for most fans it seems like it’s the wrong one. Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers takes a bow and heads to…college? Why, no one knows. And because in his four seasons he has lifted San Fran up after years when the dynasty couldn’t seem to get out of its own way, this whole situation of Harbaugh becoming a Wolverine is more than nuts. His bro…well, he’s headed to the play-offs.

Bill Belichick. Yes, this is a name constantly heard and a name that will remain constantly heard. Why is that? Well, whether you like the guy or not, he wins. End result always, is that he wins. It certainly helps to have a Tom Brady at the helm who apparently heard the ‘old’ jokes told about him at the beginning of this season and decided to say: “In your face!” coming out with yet another AFC division title win. But everything can be traced back to Coach Belichick who everyone in the NFL agrees can magically get the most out of all the players on the field. It’s been a dog’s age since this guy was not mentioned in the post-season, and it is clear he’s not done yet.

Detroit and Pittsburgh have steadied their ships under the head coaches. But, in the end, no matter how difficult it will be to vote the MVP Coach, there is one thing that is certain – nothing will be coming to Rex Ryan. He leaves the Jets (along with the General Manager, who was also canned). But was it with a heavy heart…or a sigh of relief?

We shall see. But right now it is certain that Jerry Jones will not be canning his coach, because ‘Dem Boys are back and being led by the quietest coach in football that has truly caught fire!


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle