The Battle of NFL Benching

The Battle of NFL Benching

~ Amy Lignor

In this season, especially, it seems more and more that ‘things’ are occurring that never occurred before. Benching is one of them…along with the constant bad press and bad news that NFL players are bringing to the national stage. But even though fans are screaming about various benching practices, it’s not exactly a ‘new theory.’ And it most definitely has been done before.


Walter_&_Russell_at_Falcons_at_Raiders_11-2-08The benching of Jonas Gray of the New England Patriots when facing the Detroit Lions made the blood boil. Of course, it would have made fans’ blood boil far hotter and heavier if the Patriots hadn’t sliced and diced the Lions and won another game. Yes, Jonas Gray had a previous week scoring four touchdowns. But what one must remember is that he was uniformed. He was ready to go…just in case. Gray was benched for oversleeping and being late for practice. People roll their eyes about this. After all, this isn’t high school. This guy is an adult. He’s a pro. He’s one of the ‘best of the best’ and, who cares if he missed or was late for a practice…he’ll do just as perfect of a job anyway. Right?


Other side of the equation? This is NOT high school, which means oversleeping while being paid a great deal of money to do your job is unacceptable. Coach Belichick, quietly and calmly as he always does, told reporters: “We do what we think’s best, and that’s what we did today.” In other words…it’s none of your business. I’m head coach and I will do as I wish for punishment. When you’re top of the heap in the AFC and things look golden, he can do whatever he wishes.


There are other teams bringing benching to the equation… Not that benching matters for the Jets one iota. But Rex Ryan benched Vick and gave Geno Smith another shot. End result being…oh, well, same as always, really. The Bills, out of their own stadium because of a winter storm blast, beat the heck out of them easily in a 38-3 win. Vick, Smith – for the Jets as far as skill and talent seem to be concerned this year these two are truly interchangeable. Smith who is most likely hoping for a job elsewhere and Vick, who apparently thought he would be such a savior that he would win a starting QB job for himself next season, both looked far worse than anyone in high school who had missed practice. They, in fact, looked like they were actually oversleeping on the field during the games.


RGIII? This may be the worst for many fans, considering this WAS the savior and came in looking at a Hall of Fame career. Colt McCoy will be replacing him, attempting to grant the Redskins some type of bright side before the season ends in total depression. Should RGIII remain benched? Is it over for the guy? Well…stranger things have happened in the NFL than a model player turning horrific than resurrecting themselves into the pride and joy of a team, but the tone of voice and the basic dulling of the eyes during his interviews makes it seem like RGIII is looking for another career already. Head coach Gruden will attempt to keep his own job, putting McCoy back in and telling the world that he thinks McCoy can give them a better chance at winning. But he can’t be blamed for everything; after all, the Redskins gave up three first-round draft picks and a second-round pick in order to nab RGIII in 2012, and that decision cannot be put on Gruden’s shoulders. But the future because of these decisions looks rather bleak for D.C.


But remember, people. Tom Brady was benched. Other top names in the NFL that WILL and HAVE gone into the Hall of Fame were benched. They had bad days, too. It will be more than interesting to see where some teams go from here and whether or not their QB is even in the line-up when things start up again.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle