Comparing Arrow Rests

Archers have a tough choice to make when selecting an arrow rest. Do you want a full-capture rest that your arrow shoots through, or do you want a drop-away rest

Dutch Carp Cakes

  Dutch Carp Cakes by Brad Fenson   Could you imagine the unfortunate situation of having to scrounge for food during World War II? I can’t help but think of the people of the Netherlands and how they struggled to put a meal on the table during the incredibly difficult times. Obviously nothing would go […]

Home Defense Solutions

  Home Defense Solutions When you need rapid sight picture acquisition in a high-stress, low-light home defense environment, TRUGLO delivers. by Rob Reaser   While defense professionals are quick to state their preferences as to what type of firearm is optimal for home protection, the reality is that most of use what we are comfortable […]

Getting Into Bowfishing Fun

  Getting Into Bowfishing Fun   By Patrick Meitin   I started bowfishing some 30 years ago, belaboring carp along a muddy creek near our suburban home. My outfit was pretty simple; nondescript 30-pound longbow, homemade reel and basic fiberglass fishing arrow holding a fixed-barbed point. Bright surveying cord connected the arrow to the reel. […]

TRUGLO® Tritium Fiber Optic Xtreme(TFX™) Sights

  TRUGLO® Tritium Fiber Optic Xtreme(TFX™) Sights Earn High Scores in NTOA Testing by Brad Fitzpatrick Members of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) recently field-tested TRUGLO’s TFX™ – Tritium / Fiber-Optic Xtreme pistol sights and universally praised the TFX’s rugged design and functionality. NTOA scores range from 0-5, and the overall composite score for the […]

Optimizing your Muzzleloader Sights

  Optimizing your Muzzleloader Sights Brad Fenson As a youngster anxious to get involved in hunting and shooting, my mentors encouraged me to use open sights. Their rationale was simple; learn the basics of lining up a target and it will become a natural and easy way to acquire a target, no matter what you […]

Shooting Solo—Crossbows

Shooting Solo—Crossbows by Joe Byers Crossbow equipment packages typically include a scope with multiple reticle markings, which can be just as confusing as a multi-pin setup on a compound bow.  A

Sighting Options: Going Solo (Part 1)

  Sighting Options: Going Solo (Part 1) by Joe Byers A young man moved into my neighborhood and we quickly became friends when he saw the 3-D deer target in my back yard.  “I’ve always wanted to learn to bow hunt,” he remarked one day and I soon had him set-up. An athletic person, he […]

Single-Pin vs. Multi-Pin Bow Sights

Single-Pin vs. Multi-Pin Bow Sights By Rob Reaser Forget the arguments. Bow sight selection comes down to personal hunting style. We all like a good controversy, especially when it helps to pass a long evening in hunting camp or a rainout at the 3D range. Today, one of bowhunting’s hottest “issues of passion” involves bow […]

Think Deer in the Summer Time

  Think Deer in the Summer Time by Craig Lamb Archery hunting catalogs starting to show up in the mailbox is motivation for many bow hunters to begin annual pre-season training. For some that’s okay, since the catalogs seem to arrive sooner each season. But it’s a better plan to spread out the preparation over […]