Romo…Romo…Where For Art Thou?


Romo…Romo…Where For Art Thou?

By Amy Lignor


Thankfully, Tony Romo is right where he should be again; right behind the center of the Dallas Cowboys. But at the start of Sunday’s game, the angels were most definitely crying. It gave you a bit of a chill if you were a Cowboys fan to watch that Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Houdiniserious downpour in Miami. It was as if the angels were already upset that the Cowboys would not leave the day having gone 7 games without a win…but 8.


Before anyone starts yelling or rolling eyes, this is a team that fell apart and it had nothing to do with Tony Romo. Even Jerry Jones knows that. With two QB’s, with one player that everyone in the world despised, with a so-called “perfect” receiver named Bryant who came back to do virtually nothing, this team had basically kissed their season goodbye. Of course, if their division wasn’t so bad, they really would have kissed it goodbye.


But the way things stood, division-wise, upon Romo’s return meant that if Tony can possibly win ALL the games left on their roster, then the Cowboys have a chance. In other words, Romo had the weight of the world on his shoulders today when he went against the Miami Dolphins. Weight that was so heavy you would think his neck would have been re-injured simply by carrying everyone’s hopes and wishes out onto the field.


Give the guy credit right off the bat. Romo evaded a safety using magic that seemed almost Houdini-like, and was able to toss the ball from his own end zone, left-handed, to save that 2-point giveaway. Then, the man walked his team down the field, the TD right there to get, and that so-called “perfect” receiver named Bryant, yet again, missed it. The ball was intercepted and Tony Romo did not walk off the field nice and quiet. He made sure to yell at old Dez because for a “perfect” receiver the guy has been playing like a rookie who has no idea how to catch a ball. Yes, thankfully, the Dallas defense was awake and took the ball back.


Romo evaded sacks. He threw in traffic. He found receivers like Williams who, unlike Dez, caught the ball thrown to him in the end zone right before the half. First TD in seven quarters. Praise, Romo! Jerry Jones talked about “singing in the shower” knowing Romo was coming back today, and seeing him throw that TD had every fan in the world shouting their favorite QB’s name. Then…are you serious? Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty on the Cowboys for taunting. Taunting. What are we in 3rd grade? Anyway…this resulted in the Dolphins scoring a TD right before halftime.

Yes…as with all football games, there was another half. And…Dez Bryant finally showed up. In fact, the Romo grimace disappeared when they hooked up for their 50th TD and broke a Cowboys record. A hug and a smile brought smiles to Cowboys fans everywhere.


So…were the angels crying for the Cowboys at the beginning of the game? Seems not. Romo is back. He’s working. He blew the dust off, so to speak, and now all he has to do is win every single game left. The scariest part of that, however, is the fact that Romo and the Cowboys next go up against the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton and those undefeated Panthers have not missed a step all year. They even pummeled the Redskins into dust on Sunday. Romo sounds confident that he can knock the Panthers off their undefeated perch.


After all, Romo was the one who pat Tom Brady on the shoulder this year, after a Cowboys loss to the Patriots, and said: “See you at the Super Bowl.” Wouldn’t it be fun to see if Romo is not only Houdini, but also psychic?


Source:  Baret News