RecClix: Taking Rec Sports into the 21st Century


RecClix: Taking Rec Sports into the 21st Century

by Ted Lund


It was 2011, and John Trkla was coaching Little League baseball in a suburban Chicago neighborhood. The league had 10 teams and, since the local park only had four diamonds, one game was always had to be played at a different location. When his team played at the alternate park, getting the kids to the right place was a nightmare. So Trkla decided to do something about it.

Web app“When my team played at the different park, some players would always go to the main park and we’d have to start with less than a full team,” says Trkla. “There had to be a better way to remind parents where they were supposed to be and when.”

And so RecClix, the leading web-based solution for coordinating scheduling and communications for  administrators, coaches, parents and athletes, was born.

The concept was simple: develop a user-friendly system allowing administrators and coaches to communicate with parents and players and push information to them in a simple, straightforward manner.

“Parents and kids are being pulled in a lot of different directions,” says RecClix managing partner Tim Finnegan. “Both John and I drew on our coaching experience as well as our experience as sports parents in developing and building our application.”

Traditional methods of league communication, such as hotlines, website updates, automated calling to home phones and calling trees, are problematic. They can be cumbersome, inefficient, not timely, ineffective or all of the above.

So Trkla and Finnegan’s idea was simple: develop a tool that coaches and administrators can use to quickly, easily and securely contact the right group of people with the information they need, when they need it. All with the goal of helping the parents and players keep their lives organized and on track.  And for it to be truly effective, it needed to be something that parents didn’t have to register for, purchase, or join.

The company drew on the expertise of two key tech developers, Harry Giovanni and Sean Portle, who shared their wealth of experience developing communication workflows for the marketing world.

“Our team worked closely with our beta customers to develop functionality that would provide real value and make people’s lives easier,” says Finnegan.

Key in the company’s development of its web-based application was the concept that coaches aren’t behind-the-desk kind of people.

“People in the sports world aren’t in it to be behind a desk and manage software,” says Finnegan. “We realized that footballsolutions needed to be simple to implement and operate, without any need for managing standalone hardware and software.”  Also, having been a league administrator, Trkla knew not all coaches are created equal when it comes to technology.  “We wanted to make sure that everyone in the league would get the right information,” Trkla states.  “Not just the folks lucky enough to be on teams that had tech-savvy coaches.”

Other benefits of the unique system include a parent/player mobile application that lets parents see the schedule and roster information for their entire family in one place.  There is a separate mobile app for administrators that lets them quickly update, cancel or reschedule events, add comments and even assign officials no matter where they are. Administrators and coaches can also send group or individual emails and texts to players and parents, coaches, a league or an entire organization. RecClix also gives administrators the power to create and manage team rosters, assign game officials, and import existing data from registration and scheduling systems.

RecClix improves the sporting experience for administrators, coaches, players and parents.

“Everyone has the information they need, when they need it,” says Finnegan. “The result is your program will be recognized as being organized and well run. Having well informed players and their parents means you will have satisfied, happy customers.”

RecClix is the world’s leading provider of web-based communication solutions for club and travel sports organizations, schools, and park & recreation districts. For more information on its unique line of services, which are revolutionizing organized athletics for administrators, coaches,  parents and athletes, visit or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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