RecClix Building Teams Across Sports


RecClix Building Teams Across Sports

by Ted Lund


Ask Burr Ridge, Illinois’ recreation services coordinator Mark Pasqualini what he likes best about RecClix and he’s torn to come up with an answer. He says it’s hard to come up with just one.

Football Team Use RecClix

Football Team Use RecClix

Pasqualini oversees a youth flag football league with between 250 to 300 players each year. That translates to between 20 and 24 youth teams spread across three recreational facilities just outside of Chicago. He first learned about RecClix in 2013 while attending the Illinois Association of Parks Districts/Illinois Park and Recreation Association Conference.

“The player evaluation system and team building application initially attracted me to the platform,” says Pasqualini. “I had been using an Excel file/program that I created many years ago, and RecClix’s integrated evaluation system and team building function was right in my wheelhouse.”

During the preseason, coaches on Pasqualini’s staff evaluate and rate their players during tryouts. Once that information is brought into the RecClix platform, Pasqualini is able to quickly and efficiently build teams with relatively similar power ratings.

“RecClix’s Team Builder option allows me to use the evaluation system to assign a rating for each player,” says Pasqualini. “As I form out teams I can see what the average overall team rating is. The closer the overall team rating, the better the overall competition is in our league. And that translates into a better experience for each player.”

Because RecClix allows Pasqualini and his staff to monitor ratings on the fly, they are able to consider special requests for team placement and carpooling purposes as long as teams remain within an acceptable evaluation range.

But once the teams are built and the season is underway, it’s RecClix’s ease of communication with coaches, players,

RecClix the League Solution

RecClix the League Solution

and parents that Pasqualini loves.

“That’s probably the one thing I couldn’t live without, the ease of communications,” says Pasqualini. “Especially on the mobile side.”

And he says parents appreciate RecClix, as well.

“Our feedback from parents has been extremely positive,” says Pasqualini. “They love the automatic reminders via email and text.”

Another selling point on RecClix, from Pasqualini’s perspective, is the level of customer service. While his overall experience has exceeded his expectations, Pasqualini lauds RecClix’s customer service.

“I really appreciate the customer service side of the RecClix team,” says Pasqualini. “They have been extremely helpful with any issue that I have come across and helped me to get it resolved right away.”

RecClix is the world’s leading provider of web-based communication solutions for club and travel sports organizations, schools, and park and recreation districts.

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