RealBark – GBX-6 Introduction

gbx-6RealBark® makes a full line of tower blinds; however it’s most versatile blind is the GBX-6 Gun/Bow Extreme. The GBX-6 is the answer for hunters that are seeking a blind that can be effectively hunted from using a gun or bow. The GBX-6 is 6’ in diameter and provides plenty of room for two or three people and enough clearance for even the longest of draws. The blind has a 6’ 6” ceiling height that will accommodate taller hunters. A realistic RealBark® camouflage is molded into the blind. The blind is constructed from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene making it virtually indestructible and maintenance free. The 2’w x 5’h door allows for easy walk in access. There are eight 13 ½” wide x 10” high horizontal hinged windows.

GBX6 two people

GBX6 bow_drawAll windows are equipped with padded gun rests and give a full 360-degree view of the hunting area. The floor is constructed with ¾ pressure treated plywood that will not rot and it is covered with carpet to quiet unwanted noise. These blinds can be used on the ground or elevated on 5, 10 or 15 foot towers. To provide entry up into the blind the hunter can choose a removable ladder or for the ultimate in easy access and safety a stairway with grip strut grating and handrails. Other options include the single and double Texas Twister seating systems. This unique seating system uses a center-mounted base and allows for up to two independent seat arms with height adjustment rods and upholstered seats to pivot 360 degrees inside the blind.

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