Please Let Russell Wilson Speak for the Seahawks

Please Let Russell Wilson Speak for the Seahawks

~ Amy Lignor

It matters not if you are an AFC fan of Brady’s or Manning’s. It matters not one iota if you love the Niners or root for the Cardinals in the NFC. It doesn’t even matter if you love the Seahawks with every breath you take. No matter who you are a fan of in the NFL, the mouth, actions and all-around annoyances of Richard Sherman have got to stop. For a man who is constantly described by experts as smart because he’s a “Stanford” man, the guy looks dumber and dumber as the days go along.


Yes, he can play the game and has gotten advertising contracts up the wazoo. Some experts say he even deserves said contracts because he’s Russell_Wilson_vs_Jets,_November_11,_2012backed up his annoying yapping by offering up the game-winning play against the Niners in the NFC Conference Championship last year, and by kicking their butt on this past Thanksgiving eve. (What does that matter, by the way? San Fran isn’t exactly a ‘beauty’ team this year. It’s not like the guy has done anything against a Montana/Young/Jerry Rice team. Nor would he have been able to).


Sherman posts videos. He puts up selfies. He waves to the fans in the rival stadiums wearing a childish grin on his face as if HE is the savior of the Seahawks, and without him they would not win games at all. When they lose, oddly enough he stays quiet and calm, looking like a man full of intelligence and wanting nothing more than to work harder for his team. If that’s what it takes to shut him up then the Seahawks need to lose as much as possible.


His latest ridiculousness was that dumb interview where he took a long time to make fun of his employer. He did a stand-up act that looked mostly like he wants to quit football and become an actor in Hollywood. Funny part is, in THAT industry people would deal with this guy for seconds before saying HIS ego was too big even for them.


His little smiley-face protest with a cardboard cutout beside him was beyond childish. He pointed out the hypocrisy of the NFL telling everyone not to drink, yet the NFL’s biggest promoter is beer. He spoke of the NFL fining players for their mistakes. He was basically saying the actions taken by the NFL higher-ups are hypocritical…and he’s not? If you think for one second this man would turn down a gazillion-dollar advertising contract from Budweiser, you’re crazy.


The performance he gave was one of a selfish individual who, instead of talking about being thankful on Thanksgiving Day, decided to complain about his employer’s ways. And to the so-called experts out there? No matter how long and hard you stand behind this guy, look at the ‘real people’ and the data you receive on those endless polls. The ‘real people’ think he’s a schmuck. They want football, not his mouth. The more this man speaks, the more fans across the country shake their heads. Perhaps if this team stopped complaining about their own QB (even though of course NOW they say: ‘Gosh, we never did that’), and stop whining about their jobs long enough to play the game well every week, the Seahawks would have more fans.


If you want to cite hypocrisy, that’s fine. But start by using a non-hypocritical player. Also, utilize someone who actually sounds like they were educated, knows his job, is a humble man, and most likely (even though he cannot say it on TV) is sick and tired of putting up with this moron in the locker room. Russell Wilson has a brain, while Sherman keeps making Seattle look like a bad reality-TV show on Bravo. In fact, when they (finally) win a game, his actions make even the most dedicated fans feel bad for the other team.


He doesn’t want to play a short week? Boo-Hoo. This is not the NCAA, this is the NFL. You are on the biggest stage in the world. The NFL gets more advertisers and more viewers than any other sport imaginable. Unfortunately, we have to watch people like this run their mouths instead of just doing their jobs, taking their paychecks home and cashing them (which I have a feeling he does super quick).


Let Wilson carry this team! He’s already doing it on the field, he might as well be the ONLY spokesperson off. The media goes for someone like Sherman only because he’s the type of flat-out big-mouth that the social media stage loves to present. At least ‘Prime-Time’ Sanders was fun.


If you’re going to have a sense of humor, have one. Study the craft of Steve Martin, Carson, and Williams – SOMEBODY – so that something you say is funny. Right now there is a huge percentage of fans who do not want the Seahawks to go for back-to-back Super Bowls. Why is that? Because they do not want to have to hear this guy yap, turning a great game into nothing more than a stage where he can cheer…for himself.


Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle