Performing Arts Summer Camps Gain Participation From Teens And Parents Alike



Whether it’s from the stellar success of hit television shows like “Glee”, “American Idol”, “The Voice”, or “The X Factor”, or a genuine interest in being ‘on stage’ as a result of social media, teens are becoming more involved in performing arts than ever before. And parents love it because it keeps their kids involved in a safe activity that stimulates their left and right brain while at the same time nurturing their communication and personal relationship skills.

“The growing interest in performing arts has been fantastic during the past several years,” said Judith Patterson, co-founder and CEO of US Performing Arts, the nation’s leading performing arts summer camp program for teens. “Its especially exciting to see that the inquiries about our camps are coming directly from teens as well as their parents, rather than just one or the other.”

While interest from teens and parents alike is growing, the category of performing arts seems to be expanding in other areas, too. High schools, colleges and universities across the country have expanded arts programs to include such programs as Acting for the CameraUS Performing Arts Summer Camp Curtain Call 2 and the Stage, Dance (of all types), Musical Theater, Vocal Performance, Digital Film Making, Playwriting and Screen Writing, and even courses in how to successfully audition for college performing arts classes.

Where performing arts summer camps are concerned, US Performing Arts is definitely leading the way. The company was founded in 2002 to teach and mentor students in the arts. Since that time more than 13,000 students have attended a US Performing Arts Camp making it the largest network of performing arts and media camps in America. US Performing Arts camps are taught by leading university faculty, casting executives from The Walt Disney Company and their invited professional guests, including actors, directors, producers, writers, singers and stage performers who are currently working in television, film, and on Broadway.

“We’ve really put a focus on providing teens with the training they need to realize their dreams,” said Patterson. “It is incredibly US Performing Arts Instructor at Acting Class 2rewarding when they do, especially when they get a big part in a Broadway musical like alum Uyoata Udi (see video) or are accepted to a university as a result of our training, like Allison Kane, Dan Gettler and many others.”

In this inspirational behind-the-scenes video you can see how US Performing Arts instructors help students learn how to ‘live in the moment’ and act through the songs they sing and the dances they perform.

This summer, US Performing Arts summer camps will be available from coast-to-coast including: Georgetown University in Washington, D.C; Oberlin College in Cleveland, Ohio; Pepperdine University in Malibu, California; DNA Studios & Pace University in New York; Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Stanford University in Palo Alto, California; Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas; University of California, Irvine; University of California, Los Angeles; and, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

More information about US Performing Arts and its summer camps for teens is available by calling 888-497-3553, or visiting or

Source: US Performing Arts / Baret News Wire