One Good Guy Returns While NFL Roster Cuts Send Others Packing


One Good Guy Returns While NFL Roster Cuts Send Others Packing

~ Amy Lignor


Bad and good packed their bags this past week as the NFL rosters did their evil magic and dropped who they thought would be best. Sometimes these are good decisions, although history has shown some to be bad. Heading down from 75 to 53 players, there were a lot
8168942173_d82f108907_bof unhappy faces out there on football practice fields everywhere, and others that still wore their smiles because not being picked up by
one team did lead to meeting others—leaving their NFL dreams and hopes alive.


One person who had hopes, made dreams, made a name, then disappeared behind a huge Manning curtain only to pop out once in a while and still be panned by fans and those so-called experts, has yet again been deleted from a roster. This time, however, it was quite a shock for many, considering that Tim Tebow actually put up some pretty good numbers and was running for a third-string QB job behind others that had suffered some major injuries and did not look like good choices either.


This time around it was the Philadelphia Eagles that released Tebow on Saturday; an announcement that came only a day after they had traded Matt Barkley to Arizona for a seventh-round draft pick. Because of Barkley’s trade, people believed that Tebow had definitely landed a job for himself as the third-team quarterback.


But then, with very little fanfare and no pre-gossip about the move, Chip Kelly pulled an Elway move and set Tebow on a new path. Of course, in Kelly’s position, he does not have a Peyton Manning to place in there. What the Eagles now have as a QB line-up is: Mark Sanchez with Sam Bradford backing him up (even though Bradford has a long history when it comes to those injuries), and no name is in the third slot as of yet.

Chip Kelly stated that they would find someone, but that Tebow was not good enough. Now, Tebow is most likely upset that this happened again but he does have one very important career path that he has already proven to be very good at, and will most likely never be fired if he walks that path. As a football/sports broadcaster Tebow is up for the job and is not a joke. He can read the field quite well from a broadcasting chair and there are many who would like him on their team. In other words, Tebow will not go hungry.


But Chip Kelly kept commenting. Unlike Tom Brady’s coach who, as always at the end of a big production, didn’t give any speeches when everything turned up sunny for his QB and his team. He likes to keep his mouth shut and lay it all out on the field. Something Chip Kelly may want to take under advisement in the future.


Tebow was cut, yes, but Kelly went on and on about how even though Tebow put up good numbers, he not only can’t read the field but he lacks in many skills needed to play the QB position in the NFL. Okay, Chip. Tim’s on his way. No need to keep kicking the guy when he’s down. Of course, then, he let a little light into the tunnel (hopefully, not causing high hopes yet again for a guy who really doesn’t need to feel anymore burnt from the sport), Kelly went on to clarify that Tim had really progressed. “He just needs to get out there and get more reps.” Not something he’ll do with the Eagles.


There was another QB, though, who also said so long, but ended up saying hello in another state. It came from the camp of the Buffalo Bills who released QB Matt Cassel. The loss of Cassel gifts the Bills organization with $4 million dollars to be utilized, and the Bills have chosen to start Tyrod Taylor (look out for this one: he may just be the next big thing), with E.J. Manuel as back-up. The news is that Cassel is heading to the Arizona Cardinals – a trade done for a seventh-round draft pick.


The star QB in the NFL, Brady, is to return now that Sillygate is over. But the Patriots did make the news as well by cutting their RB; Jonas Gray, the running back that posted 200-yards against the Colts and basically looked like he had the job in the bag. As always with Coach Belichick’s quiet state and the ability to surprise, that was not the case and Gray is not a Patriot this season.


Rosters are now done (presumably), and it’s almost time for the season to begin. It will be so nice to hear about the actual game of football once football starts, won’t it? Or, at least…here’s to hoping.


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Source:  Baret News