Oh, Johnny, No…?

Oh, Johnny, No…?

~ Amy Lignor

OR, should the title of this article be: “Oh, Johnny…sorry.” Yes, the kid did not play well. In fact, he was hideous. But here’s a little something to think about, when you’re trying to get a ‘spark’ in your offense, wouldn’t it be helpful if your offense was actually on the field? There were some throws, guys and gals, some passes that were actually in the Cleveland Brown receiver’s hands. Guess what? The receiver’s dropped them, not Manziel.


images (4)Before you send this kid out to pasture and chalk him up as a mistake, do not fry Manziel in the desert. Frankly, the only ‘rookie’ that should be a star right this second, simply because he was the ‘best of the best’ in everyone’s eyes not too far back in the past, is RGIII. And, no offense, that spark is dead. With Manziel, the spark is still there. It’s in him. He needs to learn. Will he? Who knows? But I remember a rookie named Troy Aikman whose first season was a nightmare. 0-15. Not one game won and everyone was bashing the guy saying he was nothing. And in a world of Stetson’s, it’s hard to be the ‘failure’.


Well…they were all wrong. The experts now, of course, push their first opinions of Aikman under the carpet and pretend they never said any of it. It was said, people. Go back to the past and listen to the tapes and read the articles. They said Aikman was useless. For a useless guy, winning three Super Bowls is pretty good, don’t you think? Yet another QB that was not only drafted down the line but was stated to be someone who would not be good in the NFL also ended up winning three Super Bowls and is in a position to win yet another one. Yup. His name is Tom Brady.


Eli Manning. Andrew Luck. There are so many names that became ‘beloved’ after they had been panned and hung out to dry. Of course, they did have offenses who helped them out with their games, so Cleveland needs to put sparks in all their players in order to see the spark Manziel can bring once he is allowed to learn.


Yes, Manziel’s signature move seems to be flashing money signs in the end zone. This first time out, the Bengals decided to do that for him. Once Gilberry sacked Manziel in the backfield on only the Browns’ second drive yesterday, he was the one who flashed the sign…even though he perhaps forgot that he is a Bengal and not on an actual team that will win the Super Bowl this year.


Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga flashed money signs right in Manziel’s face after knocking down a pass. Course, when he decided to do it, the Bengals were charged with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The Bengals went a little too “Seattle Seahawk Snooty” which ended up moving the Browns into field goal range. So a note to the Bengals…apparently Seattle is the only team that can get away with acting completely classless. Why, I have no idea. After all, you’re tigers, not dumb birds. But…it is what it is.


With or without money signs flashing, Manziel struggled by completing just 10 of 18 passes for 80 yards and throwing two interceptions in Cleveland’s 30-0 loss. I’m sure the coaches told Manziel to stay in the pocket and pass. Although…Manziel has the power to run; so run!


He’s a rookie. He played like a rookie. His team played liked rookies, however, and that was worse. But Cleveland should take note of what is happening with Kap in San Francisco. This guy is a runner. That used to be a good thing. And coaching him to stand in the pocket and throw is ridiculous. The guy has talent. Manziel has talent. Taking away a talent and an ability that makes them feel like they know how to play the game of football will destroy their skill at playing football. No, neither of these guys is Favre or Young. And maybe neither of these guys ever will be. But once upon a time, QB’s were allowed to move. And if they can’t, then their teams will move directly to the basement in their divisions, and they’ll stay there.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle