NFL: Forget the Experts & Break Out the Crystal Ball

NFL: Forget the Experts & Break Out the Crystal Ball

~ Amy Lignor

It is already fun to look back on the experts original picks for this NFL season and see how they have begun. This is no crystal ball…right? After all, experts know the rookies, the oldies, the challenges, the coaches, the stats, and everything in between – so the picks by the experts predictions1should definitely be far more educated than ours would be if sitting around a table guessing. After all, we’re the fans, we want our own teams to win and don’t want to hear about those pesky Seahawks on their perches (unless we’re Seattle fans, of course). And as far as Seattle is concerned, they have already won back-to-back Super Bowls. These games coming up are just something to do while they’re waiting to get there. Their smiles are so wide up in Seattle because they came out and buried Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay without even blinking an eye. In other words, the defenders are unstoppable. Right?


Of course there are some experts who are looking at Seattle to come back and take it with no problem, but a higher percentage say they will definitely not. There are those who say that the 49ers have it because of the extremely smart free agency moves they made. While others say that Kap was already being overpaid and will not live up to the monumental cash. But the one thing people do tend to agree on is the fact that the Broncos have no shot at returning. Can you believe that? The Broncos, who everyone seems to love (although Patriots’ fans know that Brady and their team is the best in the AFC), have already been written off. Most likely because of the combination of free agency disasters, and the suspensions that have come about for targets that Manning must have…considering he’s short on them as it is.


But let’s see here…now that the lid is off and the season has begun, are the experts on the money? This is not Fantasy Football, this is the real thing, so it would be nice to see if there was a person to follow who hits the pick every time, or if we will just have to wait around for a tarot card reader and hope for the best.


Aaron Rodgers will be the NFL MVP. This has been stated by 5+ experts. If you asked the poor guy right now, I think he would say: “No comment.” The Packers did have the hardest game, being the first out of the gates and straight onto the defending Super Bowl champion’s field. But for Aaron to be the MVP…he will have to step up like there’s no tomorrow and erase this game from his conscience completely.


Well above 50% have already said that Tom Brady and his Patriots will be the AFC Champion. Again, there may be a wrench thrown into that, being that Brady showed up on the injured list. According to sources, he’s ‘a-okay’, but you never know what’s about to occur. It could just be that the less than 20% who picked the Colts may find themselves smiling wide.


The NFC Champion picks are all over the board. Oddly enough, however, Seattle is not the top pick. Many give it to the Niners; others say Green Bay; while still others claim that it is the year of the New Orleans Saints. The defending champs don’t seem to be impressing the experts this time around, so perhaps they DO know something we don’t know.


Most experts see the ‘Big Game’ as the Patriots versus the 49ers. Although, let’s face it, that would be a fun game to watch with two QB’s – one younger and looking like a tree who basically likes carrying people on his back into the end zone; versus a very mature QB who already wears so many rings he could compete with Liberace. Calm versus kid; Brady versus Kap. THAT would be a Super Bowl worth remembering.


And before you ask, yes, there are experts predicting that the Jets will end up as a Wild Card this year. Could a Namath veil of luck fall over these guys? You never know. That’s why football is riveting. At the same time, experts give it up to the Steelers and Bengals as taking Wild Card slots…although both will tell you right now they don’t need it because they will be taking their division. Top picked teams to go nowhere this year: Cowboys and the Panthers. The Lone Star State is already up in arms when the experts speak, and you can bet Jerry Jones is making dolls that look like these experts and shoving pins into them.


Don’t worry fans. Considering the ‘experts’ are looking a lot like the Senate this time around and not going out on that necessary limb with their picks, the best advice is to not count anyone out. Crystal balls would seem more correct this season, because this may just be a year where a pro deteriorates and surprises everyone (killing a great deal of fantasy football energy)…while a rookie comes out of nowhere and steals NFL hearts.


But Johnny Manziel as Offensive Rookie of the Year? Exactly. The Crystal Ball is the way to go.


Source: Baret News Wire