Merry Christmas, Dallas Cowboys


Merry Christmas, Dallas Cowboys 

NFC East Champions


‘Twas Five Days before Christmas and all through the house; (Jerryworld, that is),

Not a creature was stirring, not ONE Indianapolis mouse. (Colt, actually, but ‘mouse’ rhymes).

 Romo, Bryant, Murray…Aikman, Irvin, Smith? You’re crazy, people! Well, apparently not so much.

348135488_76fa6a28A large majority of NFL ‘experts’ out there are eating a huge piece of humble pie right now instead of the apple they wanted to live on this week, because the Dallas Cowboys (no kidding) said “TAKE THAT, EXPERTS!” in a very big way.
Even I, a fan of a rival team, must give kudos where kudos are due. And, frankly, I would like to take all those experts and smack them. You know why? Because every single time they say “who’s the best, who’s the worst, who’s going to the Super Bowl…yada, yada, yada,” all they do is mess things up and end up invigorating the teams they just shot in the foot.


Don’t you remember? Second game this season all we heard was Tom Brady should retire and Aaron Rodgers had no life left in him. Fast forward: The Patriots have (yet again) taken their division and gotten a first-round bye, as well. Aaron Rodgers may not be AS relaxed as he was because Detroit is coming to town, but he is most definitely in the post-season.


We were told by many at the beginning of this season that the 49ers would win it all. They might as well of picked the Jets to win it all, considering how dumb that call ended up to be. Mostly, all we have heard over and over again (much like the chorus of Jingle Bells), is that the Cowboys were the worst team in the NFL. Romo couldn’t cut it. Dez Bryant was nothing but a fantasy. The defense was nothing. And they had absolutely NO shot whatsoever of getting into the post-season. In fact, the coach was supposed to be fired by now and the Cowboys – at best – were supposed to end up 8-8, looking in from the outside. I have to say, 70% of the experts need to be benched. Perhaps they can find another career in tarot card reading, or something.


As a nice Christmas present, Andrew Luck decided that the only luck he would be bringing with him to Texas would be ‘bad’ luck…for himself. He may have wanted to place lumps of coal in the Cowboys’ stockings, but all he gave them was a sweet, easy, sleigh ride to resurrecting their past glory.


I mean, come on, people! Dallas was headed for the sidelines in the very beginning, unable to convert on a third down, so Indy decides to…oh, yeah, get called for TAUNTING? What is this, the grade school recess yard? Romo decides to capitalize on said taunt and threw his first TD of the day. Then, really? Fake a punt, throw a perfect pass and have your man DROP IT? This ridiculous move by Indy led to the Cowboys taking over on the 19th-yard-line of Indy, and first play – TD number 2. Even the back-up QB, Weeden, came out on the gridiron because the Cowboys were so far ahead it really didn’t matter at that point, and ended up getting a huge hug from Romo. Why? Because he simply went on the field and threw his own TD. There were so many good things happening for the Cowboys yesterday it seemed like Jerry Jones, himself, could have been put in as QB and walked away with yet another TD.


Keep the facts in mind:


The last time the Cowboys made the playoffs was in 2009. The last Super Bowl won was in 1996. Oddly enough, that Super Bowl was also played in Arizona which is where this one will be played. Déjà vu?


The Colts are already in the post-season; they have earned their ticket. Course, not in this game. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2007 with everyone’s love child, Peyton Manning, at the helm. Manning is a Bronco now, of course, and seems quite happy to be one…if only he could make Tom Brady disappear.


It is not a joke to say the following: The Dallas Cowboys have won the NFC East. Thanks to some excellent coaching; thanks to a QB who, even when taunted and picked on, decided to keep his mouth shut and just play the game really well (unlike most of the Seattle Seahawks, other than their QB); and, because of a man who, even after having surgery, decided to play yesterday with a hand wrapped in tape, gauze, gloves – basically everything Walgreen’s has for sale. And even though he played sporadically, others came in to do the job. Add in the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles decided two weeks ago to fly south for the winter and just forget about it, and you have your end result: the city of Dallas, Texas is lit up like Vegas.


So Merry Christmas, Dallas. I offer a smattering of applause (only a smattering because, like I said, I’m rooting for a rival), and a newfound respect. But above all I sincerely hope that the ‘experts’ will love the taste of that humble pie as they choke it down for a long, long time to come.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle