Lefty Suffers in Lapeer County, MI as Court Case Drags On


by Denise Carey-Costa

In February of 2015, animal advocates across the nation raised their voices on behalf of a dog named Lefty that was sentenced to die on February 19th 2015 at the hands of the Lapeer County 71A, District Court of Michigan.

The case was spawned by allegations that Lefty, a 9 year old Lab/Pit Bull mix attacked a neighbor’s dog. The dog unfortunately died, not because of its injuries but because immediate medical care was not provided for it by the owners.

Lefty’s owners and advocates of Lefty argue that the dog was merely acting in self-defense and the neighbor’s dogs had routinely wandered into Lefty’s yard and territory attacking him. This occurred on 5 separate occasions over a span of 3 years.Lefty

Due to public outcry, Lefty was not euthanized on his scheduled date. Meanwhile, his family has hired a new attorney and filed an appeal to get Lefty out of the shelter and back home where he belongs.

While the appeal makes its way through the judicial process system Lefty is left languishing in a cage awaiting his redemption. His health is deteriorating rapidly as are his spirits due to his current living conditions.

He is grieving at being away from his family, a family he has known for 7 years, a family of children and grandchildren who all love him dearly.

Although Lefty was spared from death on February 19th 2015 he is dying a slow death in captivity. His family and his supporters are all concerned for his health and welfare at this point. A month ago a cat at the shelter managed to attack Lefty leaving a scratch on his nose causing an infection which is spreading to his eye area. He is losing weight and was in desperate need of a bath when his family went to visit him recently.

He was dirty and his nails were broken. His family was given permission to have their vet come in and check Lefty out.

Imagine the mental anguish and despair you would suffer if you were seized from your own family, locked in a cell and left there for months on end having no idea what you did wrong or why you are being punished. The grief and frustration you would experience would be unbearable.

But some people tend to lose sight of that because to them Lefty is “just a dog” a non-feeling entity. But to Lefty’s family and the thousands speaking out on his behalf he is a living, sentient being with feelings and emotions.

Lefty is a senior dog, 9 years old and does not belong in a prison cell suffering and losing hope. He belongs with his family while his appeal drags through the court system.

Supporters for Lefty have raised $5000 in bond money to free Lefty but he still he sits in his prison.

Lefty is like many other dogs before him that have been killed based on trumped up charges of aggression, a voiceless victim that cannot tell what exactly happened that day, cannot defend himself in court.

We need to be his voice!

Sign Lefty’s petition so he can go home to his family where he belongs and put this miscarriage of justice to rest. It is the only right and fair thing to do.


For updates on Lefty’s case please visit his Facebook page:


Or contact the 71A District Court Judge assigned to Lefty’s case. Judge Conover, 255 Clay Street, Lapeer, MI, 48446 Phone Number: 810-667-0314

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

–  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


This story is a repost from Examiner.com published here with the permission of the author.