Increase Sales – Take Notes On Your Sales Call


by Dan Caramanico


Increase sales effectiveness by taking a few notes with you. Go to to see more tips about how to close sales. An optimal salesperson always covers the key topics when meeting with a prospective customer. They do not walk away from that meeting kicking themselves for forgetting to cover important points or to ask key questions. As a salesperson becomes more and more experienced, they assimilate a mental process that includes each of the key points. The process becomes second nature to them. However, a salesperson can still be optimal before they have assimilated such a process. They can do so by preparing short-phrased notes, perhaps a list of bullet points, prior to the meeting. It just takes a simple glance at the notes during the meeting to make sure your sales efforts are optimal. Is that unprofessional? Not at all. It shows you care enough to make sure the prospective customer has the information they need to make an educated decision.

Source: Baret News Wire