From Exile to Hall of Fame


From Exile to Hall of Fame

By Amy Lignor


The shine is back on the rose (which everyone knew it would be, eventually). Brett Favre had his time in the spotlight, his time in the shadows, and now he has come back strong to fans screaming and critics (who first cheered, then booed his career choices) now patting him on the back for his contribution to the Green Bay Packers. Of course, the Pack is certainly in a grand mood right now considering their present QB is determined to make sure he brings the Super Bowl trophy back home to Lambeau Field where it belongs. This season? We shall see…

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But this weekend was all about the incredible career of #4 who was actually referred to as the “greatest player we’ve ever had” by former Packers president Bob Harlan. Brett joins a very small group of men that included the unforgettable Bart Starr, Reggie White, Nitschke, Canadeo and Hutson, as having his number retired for all time – to be remembered as one of, if not THE most, heralded player by fans and foes.


Saturday was actually Favre’s very first time returning to the famous field since 2008 when he had the nerve to step on the almost biblical football location wearing a Vikings jersey. This time around, not one boo could be heard. It felt like the past was washed clean as the fans shouted and stood on their feet for almost three minutes chanting “MVP!” as Favre walked down and exited from the tunnel.


Green Bay is always proud of their team; this is one field that is never even remotely sparse when their team plays at home. Fans come out of the woodwork with their trusty cheeseheads on, even during the worst of winter’s freezing temperatures. So it was not a shock to see 67,000+ fans packed into the stadium to watch Brett’s induction. All hard feelings are gone for the man who retired just to un-retire, be traded to the Jets and then end up playing with the Pack’s most despised rival.


Favre was more than choked up at the induction. He stated: “It was like I never left…it was a great feeling.” He also spoke about his childhood dream being to play football on the ‘big’ stage, and that he was a bit embarrassed, but extremely grateful,” that the awesome event was being held for him.


The tears were real in his eyes for the fans, thanking them with all his heart for doing this and honoring him in such a huge way. But even with Brett’s sullied moments of playing for the Vikings, Green Bay certainly knew what they had once upon a time and did exactly what they should have done for the guy. You’re talking a man who played sixteen seasons and won all three NFL MVPs, getting his team to two Super Bowls and bringing back the beloved trophy for one.


And, yes, even former Packers coach Mike Holmgren (who also angered Packers fans a bit back in 1998 when he left to coach the Seattle Seahawks), stood by Brett’s side for the amazing ceremony.


Vince Lombardi last secured the title in 1967 for the Pack, and between his leaving and Favre arriving in 1992, Green Bay had only seen the playoffs twice. In other words, Favre did bring about the re-birth of the incredible ‘originals’…and now Aaron Rodgers is hoping to become as grand as the man before.


Perhaps, in the end, an induction ceremony will be held at Lambeau for Rodgers’ #12 jersey to join Favre’s in Green Bay Packers championship history.


Source:  Baret News Wire