For the Green Gadget Guru’s


For the Green Gadget Guru’s

~ Samantha Lewis

You have to love Inspector Gadget! Everyone should know about the bumbling detective that always needs a great deal of help to solve cases and capture criminals. His long trench coat and hat are filled with just the right gadgets to open locked doors, discover clues, and a whole lot of other things. But this character is not the only one that can find fun, entertaining gadgets; there are millions out there in 2015 that are cool, fun and, best of all, “green.”


It seems that all companies have come out of the woodwork supplying the market with gadgets both needed and, perhaps not so needed, that help the environment and make sure to save energy for the planet. And it’s entertaining to see what gadgets have caught the eye of the American consumer.


When it comes to life, food is one of the main things everyone thinks about. And with the invention of solar cookers, creating dishes for yourself and loved ones have become a whole lot more fun. Yes, they are just what they say they are. These gadgets actually harness the power of the sun’s rays in order to cook delicious meals. Not only that, but because of the gadget being solar-powered, you are responsible for absolutely no ill smoke that pollutes the environment. Not to mention, cash is saved on coals and wood. So as you diminish your environmental footprint, you also save money – enough money to then spend on extra-special meals.images (2)


And if one of the reasons why you use that smoking grill is because it keeps away those awful summer flies, not to worry – there is also a ton of insect zappers on the market that also use the solar rays to successfully keep the bugs far away from your family-friendly and environmentally-friendly fun.


Now, this is 2015, so there are a great many gadgets that are “green” that fall into the electronic/digital category. Unlike Inspector Gadget, this world runs on the cellphone, computer, and iPad – with other electronics thrown in for good measure. But there is a way to be greener when it comes to the digital world. One way, is the external hard drive. Plastic-free, these drives are made from bamboo that is actually grown near the manufacturer. Therefore, no chemicals are used, no transportation is needed so no extra gas or exhaust is being shot up in the air we breathe. And even going one step further, a creator of an innovative external hard drive (SimpleTech), has made sure that the packaging the drive comes in is just as environmentally-friendly as the device itself. All directions are printed on the inside of the box, completely eliminating that ridiculous ‘paper guide’ that everyone loses anyway.


When it comes to the subject of electricity, there are a ton of “green” devices being made that can significantly decrease power usage. Take an iPhone, for instance. There is a gadget called the Griffin AirCurve that acts as a speaker but uses no electricity. This is what one would call an amplifier, and it takes the sound from already built-in speakers in the iPhone and amplifies that ten decibels. In other words, for all those out there using that iPhone for anything from music listening to podcasts to alarm clocks, the AirCurve is an energy-free way to go.


In the fun world of photography, it’s not just the cellphone ‘clicking’ that can be done to capture a moment in time. In fact, using a real camera is far more fun. One gadget on the market is the Sun & Cloud camera from a company named, Superheadz. This is the first “self-generation” digital camera that’s capable of shooting videos and stills. By using an integrated solar panel that charges the camera automatically, anyone can catch those ‘moments’ without having to increase their electricity footprint.

Wish to keep time without cutting down on the earth’s time? Well, Q&Q is a company that produces SmileSolar watches. This is one gadget made from recycled materials and features integrated photovoltaic panels that provide three months of battery life for every hour it’s in the sun. Colors, styles – this is a very cool product that gadget-lovers will be thrilled by. And not only that, but as they feel good about being “greener” they can also feel good about knowing that a portion of their cash is sent straight to a charity that supplies school meals for children.


Head to the internet! You can become your own Inspector Gadget and save the world in your own small way, one product at a time.