For Every “Gate” That Closes Another Opens in the NFL


For Every “Gate” That Closes Another Opens in the NFL

  ~ Amy Lignor

The NFL should be all about a massive win right now. A game was played. A Super Bowl was seen by millions who loved the action that went right down to the wire. This is the type of Super Bowl the fans want. 40-0 is boring. And to see great plays made by unknowns, coming out of the blue to grab the Lombardi, made for an unforgettable end to the NFL season.


Tom Brady should be in the headlines for back surgery, after jumping up and down like a pogo-stick trainee when little-known (now, widely-known) Malcolm Butler won him the game. Instead, the words “Deflate Gate” were still uttered after the fame. One of the dumbest “Gates” that the NFL has ever come up with. Until…


You have got to be kidding! It has only been one week since the Super Bowl and the NFL season took its bow, and the headlines have become even more ridiculous and more constant. In fact, some are so unbelievable that they have put a pin in the proverbial Patriots’ footballs and deflated “Deflate Gate.”


At the top of the list comes: “Noise Gate”


The Atlanta Falcons have it bad enough considering they are one of the worst teams in football. And people seriously want to get angry about piping fake crowd noise into the stadium? Why? It’s not like there are a whole lot of season-ticket holders who want to show up. They probably don’t even tune in the game at home. It would be pathetic if they hadn’t piped noise in. The NFL states that by doing this, Atlanta may have received a competitive advantage. Well…it sure didn’t work.


When things like this and deflated balls come into the headlines, it feels a lot like the NFL is trying to make up for the mistakes and huge errors they made in real situations by creating dumb ones and giving out fines so they can prove they DO know how to oversee the sport. Let’s be honest, here. The only thing Atlanta should change is the fact that their website for fans is called “Fanaholic” – not a good name, considering the other garbage going on in the league.


“Text Gate”


Oh, yeah, it gets dumber… The Cleveland Browns’ front office is being investigated regarding text messages that supposedly came from them and were sent to the coaching staff down on the sidelines during the games. This is a violation of NFL rules (Someone actually thought to put this rule in a book somewhere? Interesting). It was confirmed that Ray Farmer, General Manager of the Browns, is the one under investigation for sending these texts to former quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains in the press box, as well as to an unidentified team employee on the sidelines. These texts supposedly focused on the use of personnel, strategy and play calling. Imagine that! A GM of a team thinking about the team. Where is this guy from?


A suspension of Farmer, as well as a draft pick going bye-bye, and a fine (with possible sanctions) aimed at the team, are all being talked about. It would be hysterical for this one if the investigation team found that all the emails were in regards to what burger joint they wanted to eat at that night after yet another loss.


Johnny Manziel has checked himself into rehab. Perhaps he is looking for sympathy; perhaps he is looking to stop the NFL from tossing him out; or, perhaps, this is a young man who truly needs help and figured out that he actually did. I’m going for reason #3 on this one. “Johnny Football” occurred on the college stage, it would be unfortunate if the guy didn’t get a chance to prove himself on the big one. And what’s even more positive for Manziel is that he can definitely stay away from the Browns. They are bound to do something else absurd this off-season, and this way Johnny doesn’t have to be a part of it.


On the flip side of Manziel is Josh Gordon. He is gone for the next season. And even his letter that he wrote is not about to help him out. Manziel is getting help; Josh Gordon remains in a fantasy world, throwing cynicism, and being upset at others for judging him. The 2015/16 season is over for Gordon, and the future is something that remains to be seen.


The Browns and their fans are basically feeling like they’re in a “Twilight Zone” episode and can’t get out. Perhaps all they can hope for now is that the Falcons do not get any fines for their “Gate” because the Browns – considering their offseason thus far – will definitely need to pump some kind of fan noise into their stadium. If they don’t, their games will be extremely awkward to watch.


Dump the “Gates” NFL. Start Cheering the Good! (Not Goodell, the “Good” as in players and coaches). Football is America’s favorite sport; stop killing it (insert Goodell here) by being an idiot.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle