Fantasy Football is Looking at Breakout QBs


Fantasy Football is Looking at Breakout QBs

~ by Amy Lignor


Fantasy football – betting on a team you create each week – has busted out as loud and proud in the sports world. A lot like E-Books did in the New York Times. Yes, there is a digital bestseller list now, something that the Times attempted to not present. But digital sales are still sales…and fantasy football is still, you got it, football.

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Kam Chancellor with Richard Sherman in 2014.

There is a great mess out there, however, when you think about it. The Green Bay Packers are still far above the rest; however, losing players to injuries in preseason caused some betters to change their minds. There are inactive players as well for the Rams when they meet the Seahawks who are still suffering from that “Sleepless in Seattle” moment that the Super Bowl brought to their fans: a wound that is still fresh. Although not fresh enough for Kam Chancellor to bow out of the game because he wants more money. (Is this team ever serious?) They’re like the cast from “Mean Girls.” Since their QB landed a wad of cash, the others expected their paychecks to fall in line, even though they did NOT win two in a row. Will they go back this year? Fantasy betters are mainly saying yes. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

And when it comes to QBs, yes, Aaron of the Packers is still high on the list for the “best of the best,” as is Russell Wilson from Seattle. But other experts say there are “unknowns” that may make a name for themselves this year. So instead of hearing only about Wilson, Rogers, Manning and Brady, you may hear these names instead:

Ryan Tannehill in Miami is starting this season after playing the best season he ever has. Tannehill went from a ‘nobody’ to an average QB to an impressive one. Will he become “star” impressive? People say this former Texas A&M WR, with 4,000 passing yards and 27 touchdowns in 2014, should not be counted out.

Now this next name, Colin Kaepernick (AKA: Kap), has had his name in lights…for a short time. But he fell back as a QB and in 2014 he didn’t look like he was going to be able to show that “star” QB quality ever again. (As it is with RGIII who is heading into unknownville for the rest of time.) But, it is important to remember Kap is a player who had a 91.6 QB rating in 2013 and an 86.4 rating in 2014, even though he had no luck in winning very much. His completion percentage rose last year, as well as his passing yards, but San Fran’s offensive line didn’t help by being an absolute mess. Nor did it help that their Coach, Harbaugh, almost made it clear that he didn’t like his own team. Kap has been studying, learning and working his butt off over the summer to bring about a massive turnaround for the 49ers. New staff, some new players, a fantastic RB, and Kap on a mission may just be the recipe to have this underdog mutt turn into a Blue Ribbon winner canine.

Sam Bradford of the Philadelphia Eagles is already making a name for himself, with the experts calling for the Eagles to have a monumental season because of this guy. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that they also received the best RB in the industry in 2014 from a Cowboys team that may just have made the wrong decision. Sam Bradford has shown the skills it takes to become one of the “star” QBs in the game, and fantasy football betters are already looking at him to show them the money.


It’s just the first week, but remember these words: There are sleepers out there in the 2015 season. Sleepers that WILL prove the skeptics absolutely wrong.


Time to win those millions!


Source:  Baret News