Facebook Vs the Changing Face of Social Media Marketing


When the statistics came out a few months ago letting the world know that Google+ (the little train that could), took second place in the social media realm, people started talking. Now, yes, they are a distant second, but they are visibly working their way up to ‘slap’ Facebook across the…well…face. And these two big guns have certainly found odd ways to compete.

Just in the past week, Google+ has changed things a bit in order to give more to everyone – from the public to small businesses – in order to increase their social media presence. The ‘platform’ they have rolled out is all about the world of creativity; allowing BeFirst Media Group Hexbusinesses, franchises and others a chance to change their designs – as well as use the new cover photo option that has been ‘expanded’ once again.

The changes came from the feedback of users who wanted to be able to change profiles and business pages. Now, the slight fight between competitors comes into play because of the fact that Google+ brought their ‘new’ looks and devices to the world only days before Facebook decided to unleash their newest accomplishment – the redesigned News Feed.

When it comes to Google+, users now have a humongous (by computer standards) cover photo space, which allows images that run up to 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels – an area so large that viewers and visitors may just have to scroll down in order to see the user/company profile. But let’s just say it is definitely a show-stopper that allows companies to put forward their most unique and inventive look that will have ‘clickers’ stop and stare – leading them to stay with said company and find out just what makes such a creative company ‘tick.’

The ‘About’ tab has also been beautified. Instead of one page with really boring lines of data, every company now can have an ‘About’ tab that offers sub-categories (like extra links), on a color-coded card with an ‘edit’ button the company can’t miss so that they can update information at any time in an easy and quick manner.

The ‘Local’ area – which is truly welcomed by the business community – has also been spotlighted. Companies can use this ‘Local’ area to really promote their services with a newly-dedicated tab for business and restaurant reviews. This is an extraordinary help when it comes to mobile apps – where people are sitting out there in the community just looking for that ‘Local’ restaurant that will become their absolute favorite.

Grade: B+. Google+ still has their work cut out for them, but they are showing Facebook that they are not backing down anytime soon. And to get their foot out there earlier than their major competition’s next ‘play’ to get humans on their side, was a really good call!

When it comes to the other side, it was last Thursday that Facebook announced what they call ‘major changes’ to the News Feed. CEO and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, stated that the News Feed would now look like a ‘personalized newspaper.’

This new design will take up more room on the Facebook screen, with photos being offered a prominent place with the story.

Zuckerberg stated that the News Feed will now offer, “a broad diversity of content,” from well-known people, businesses and brands, to family and friends, depending on what your primary use of Facebook really is. It will have a front page, just like a normal newspaper, and let the user scroll down to any specific topic they want to read.

And, in many cases, this will be much quicker considering the fact that the News Feed will ‘know’ who you specifically follow. Such as, if you follow certain companies, brands, or sports teams, there will be a “following” stream, sorted in chronological order, where you will read the latest about those specific people, places, locations, etc., that you are keeping track of.

And those photos will be front and center, making the usually boring News Feed a whole lot more intricate and visual for the reader – with Facebook’s mobile version appearing in the coming weeks.

Now a great many marketers were extremely happy and looked forward to the News Feed giving them a chance to target their own advertising. However, the news on Thursday that came with this announcement of what the News Feed will now accomplish, came along with the fact that advertisers won’t be gaining much from the whole process at all. But Facebook hasn’t close the idea out completely. The ability to focus on a colorful, vivid ad that will promote a brand is definitely a great opportunity for advertisers. It‘s just that Facebook is not making that option available right now. Facebook, as always, is choosing to update and offer the cool ‘user experience’ first before heading into the ‘company experience.’ So until that time rolls around, advertisers and marketers will just have to wait.

Grade: C+. Facebook certainly maintains the ‘number one spot’ when it comes to the social media realm, but their ideas seem to be running on empty and just a tad behind. Zuckerberg still has (and will have for a good, long time) the ‘go to’ social media site, but with new things happening every day and new inventors and innovators coming forth, the competition is getting far stronger than it ever has before, and advertisers and marketers are still the ‘key’ resource to keeping it the ‘best of the best.’

This is one ‘competition’ that is extremely interesting to watch.