Does “Charlie Hustle” Have the Moves to Return to MLB Fame?


Does “Charlie Hustle” Have the Moves to Return to MLB Fame?

~ Amy Lignor

The news you speak of around the water cooler at the moment might still be all about the NFL. Manning announcing his return, or, perhaps the talk of Lynch “retiring” (as if) is what’s on your mind. ‘Deflate Gate,’ no matter how you look at it is, well…deflated. But the big news, if you haven’t been watching, is in the MLB now, leaving the NFL behind to rest after all their work and ridiculousness that made up this past season.


download (4)One name in baseball that everyone knows is Pete Rose. The also-known-as, “Charlie Hustle” is beginning to see a light at the end of a long quarter-century tunnel of blackness. Yes, he gambled. Of course, putting that in the headlines in 2015 against abuse and murder doesn’t exactly seem like a big thing. But it is the one mistake that has kept Rose far from the Hall of Fame and far from the game of baseball for…far too long?


This is the debate.


With a brand new commissioner for the MLB, Rob Manfred, getting up-and-going on his new job, Pete Rose’s “people” have already been in touch with the commish attempting to get a meeting with him in order to lift the pall off of Pete Rose’s shoulders.


Rose’s recent statement: “I wish I could tell that I know what he’ll do, but I’ve never met him. I’ve never seen him. But I’d love to talk to him.”


He went on to make sure that baseball fans everywhere, as well as players, whether they are with him or not, knew that Rose simply wants to be treated like a prospective candidate for the Hall…not take away what occurred, but just put him up there. Millions love Rose; they feel that he must have a place in the Hall because of what he did for the game of baseball on the diamond. Others are brutally honest and state that they most definitely do not want Rose “cleared” because it takes away from the rules of the game (set in stone? Yeah, right). It basically says that no matter what decisions you make during your lifetime that are completely against the rules of the game, you will simply be cleared if you wait long enough. But, heck, even the President of the United States allows for forgiveness when a new one gets into office and hands out pardons, so why not in baseball?


The facts are these and these alone: From 1963 to 1986, Rose was a ‘must-have’ on the diamond. From 1984 to 1989 he became a manager that many loved and respected. This is a switch hitter we speak of, and for many he was the best switch hitter to ever play the sport. Rose is still the all-time Major League leader in hits, games played, at-bats, singles, and outs. He took home three World Series, a trio of batting titles, two Gold Gloves, and a Most Valuable Player award during his long and successful career. Add on to that the fact that Rose made seventeen All-Star appearances at FIVE different positions, and you certainly have an enigma. In other words, his positives outweighed the negative.


We forgive those who are actually ‘on camera’ breaking laws, yet in 1989, three years after he retired, Rose bowed his head to the ones in charge and agreed to permanent ineligibility from baseball, all because he was stuck in the gambling world – much like an alcoholic who needs help that fans currently stand behind and make excuses for as they go to jail or rehab.


Supposedly he bet on his own team…yet think about this, he certainly didn’t bet on his own team and then ask them to throw the game. There was one of those out there…remember?


This debate in the MLB will go on until the two parties come together. But no matter what your thoughts may be on this, you should come to the conclusion that now that…Pete Rose will most likely find his way into the Hall.


And should.


Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle