Death is in the Air



Death is in the Air



 German Director/Producer/Author Michael von Hohenberg

FINAL PICTURE, American Preview Debut Uranium Film Festival.Saturday, March 26, 2016 Raleigh Studios, aftermath of a nuclear war, Von Hohenberg, destruction of the human race

American Preview Debut Uranium Film Festival.Saturday, March 26, 2016 Raleigh Studios

Can you win an Oscar with a $15,000 film?  Yes you can, says German Director/Producer/Author Michael von Hohenberg, 42, when he accepted the “Yellow Oscar” for the best nuclear war movie worldwide from the prestigious International Uranium Film Festival  International Uranium Film festivalin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  in 2014. Global audiences roared their approval: “This film is a weapon against nuclear war. It should be seen everywhere,” Canadian Nuclear physicist. A blizzard of tweets followed: “Most emotional film I’ve seen in years,” voiced another.

 Ever since von Hohenberg can remember, there’s been a string of sobriquets attached to his name. ‘Visionary’, ‘determined’ ‘independent.’ With his third film Final Picture, von Hohenberg distinguishes himself by plunging in where other filmmakers have feared to tread. He has dared to swim against the sharks of cinema’s ready, steady and status quarrelsome.

 Exploring dangerous global trends such as the end times caused by nuclear war, ozone depletion, global warming, toxic pollution, food contamination, and deforestation, von Hohenberg shows a dystopian world where radiation fallout destroys all life in a matter of months, a dark future which could be closer to a reality than we think.

 Final Picture tells the story of the hideous aftermath of a nuclear war when no one on earth is spared radioactive fallout. The haven for skeptics are fallout shelters, which the more realistic of us understand that the great danger is not from bomb explosions but from the long-term spread of far-drifting radiation clouds. Even bombs dropped  thousands of miles away, and hundreds of feet underground will eventually take their toll when deadly radiation clouds drift back.

Of all the films on this sensitive subject, Final Picture is, without doubt, the strongest one yet. From the first scene the audience swiftly lays waste to the oft-repeated saber-rattling threat statements by world leaders who intonate we will survive, our enemies will be vanquished. Final Picture is Stanly Kramer’s  On The Beach for the Now Generation.

 With world leaders neutron-bombed by their own hubris and  global  economies  crawling along the curb, jitters have broken out regarding the use of nuclear weapons  as the weapon of choice to resolve global problems. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution, but universal consciousness of the gravity of that choice and education of the billions who will be its victims. There’s only one antidote to lies, and that’s telling the truth. And the truth is in Final Picture.

 A regional conflict in the Middle East increases and turns to be a worldwide nuclear war. In a small village in Bavaria, Caroline (Nadine Badewitz) Frank (Julian Bayer) and Peter (Hubert Burczek) are forced to find shelter in a decayed Cold War military bunker.  While a larger bunker looms in the background, it is not large enough to hold all of its residents, forcing its current inhabitants to make cruel choices whom they deem fit to survive. While they diddle with their decisions, the outsiders are quickly succumbing to radiation poisoning. Will there be life after the bombs?

 Von Hohenberg  is unquestionably one of the most talented new filmmakers to emerge in the twentieth first century. His Final Picture  kicks higher, and probes deeper. In truth, von Hohenberg  doesn’t look for heroes or villains, he finds enough shades of courage and compromise in every heavy heart. He opens a window on our conscience, and helps us find our better selves.  In the sluttish times in which we live, von Hohenberg  takes the strongest stand against any use of nuclear power simply by virtue of presenting its ultimate consequences and traces its devastating effects on the psyche.

If you’re dealing with the destruction of the whole human race, its beyond questions of whether you are right or wrong”, says von Hohenberg. A fearless fighter, he is prepared to take on this doomsday scenario whose defining characteristic is dirty, scorched-earth partisanship at any price.

One of  von Hohenberg’s outstanding hallmarks is his refusal to tailor his work to anyone else’s or the time’s expectations. He takes a small story, and uses it as a lens for a Greek-size tale.  Something huge is at stake:  the arms race that ends in the nuclear holocaust. Von Hohenberg has  a unique knack for truly getting under the skin of his characters, and peeling them in such a way that the viewer feels the same discomfort and paranoia that they experience  He is a serious screenwriter/director/editorand final buck-stops-here producer whose narrative voice is unique, and so is his way of consistently wringing truth out of the tics and obsessions of his characters. He is the moral conscience of our time.

 John F. Kennedy once said:  “Victory has a thousand fathers …and we have Final Picture.







But first Nadine must seek shelter from nuclear fallout in her first film, FINAL PICTURE, debuting March 26 at the Uranium Film Festival, Raleigh Theatre, Los Angeles


First there was Marlene Dietrich. Then came Diane Kruger. Now there’s beautiful German actress Nadine Badewitz, clearly a winner in the genetic lottery.


That’s a glib assessment she had to fight ever since she was in third grad when she desperately wanted to play the princess in her school play. Instead she got the part of the snobby French cook. She was so disappointed until everybody in the audience burst out into laughing because of the skilled way she mocked the cook’s performance with her exaggerated genuine fake French accent. That’s when she decided theatre was always going to be a big part of her life.


For the next ten years she was part of the ensemble of her school’s  theatre followed by the theatre of Bayreuth, the city of her birth.


When she finished school she began working for a radio station

because she thought as a journalist she could make a difference and uncover injustice. For four years, she also hosted every major event in her hometown Bayreuth.


But her love of acting become too strong to overcome, so she quit her job to follow her passion.


Nadine started acting school in 2009. After three years and some independent movies, TV  and theatre jobs, always  struggling against beauty stereotypes in order to showcase her talents in juicier character roles


Now as a popular actress-radio host,  entrepreneur Nadine is known to work hard for the hyphens. She’s clocked some major miles on the verb “to be”.  Meeting Nadine, one is immediately impressed with her resolute individuality.


Her cafe`/bar in her hometown became an almost instant success where she now hosts concerts, poetry slams and even theatre plays. An ardent environmentalist, Nadine uses only

organic and fair-trade coffee and products.



In 2015 Nadine was part of the cast for Tatort“, the most popular crime series in German television. The movie also won the fair film award for fairest production. Together with all the crew and cast, Nadine will join the award show  at the “Berlinale” in February 2016.



Now without financial pressure Nadine could focus on projects that meant a lot to her. She fought fiercely and won the leading female lead role in the movie Final Picture by director Michael von Hohenberg. The film has achieved critical acclaim world wide because of its searing indictment against the follies of nuclear power and war.


Final Picture won the Yellow Oscar at the Uranium Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro and has been shown also in Berlin, Quebec, Montreal and two film festivals in Germany. In March 2016, the film will make its American debut in March at the  Uranium Film Festival in Los Angeles.



In 2016 she will be part of the cast for the German movie “Seven Devils”, another controversial independent production that has already caused a lot of media attention. 


And in fall of 2016 she will be on tour with a big theatre production.


Multi lingual Nadine has dubbed many movies and series for the German audience. Assuming many voices, she  dubs the Simpsons and Family Guy in German.


At 30, she is constantly called upon as the hostess for events in Bayreuth


When not acting, Nadine can be seen serving coffee and drinks in her Café/bar as well  dubbing or hosting a show.  She loves to travel, learn new languages and train accents, surf and spending time with her family and friends.