Cheers for A-Rod May Mean Jeers for the Top Brass


Cheers for A-Rod May Mean Jeers for the Top Brass

 ~ Amy Lignor

The NFL are the proud owners of a great deal of ego. So is the NHL, NBA, and the list goes on. There are those who are high up on the list for the most ego-driven depending on the news day. And when it comes to MLB, let’s face it, A-Rod is back in the #1 spot. But he is also back in the number one spot for something even more substantial…the love of the fans.


Alex_Rodriguez_2008-04-19Yes, Alex has hung his head over the past seventeen months while being under suspension. He has worn the “I’m so sorry face” and done his best to charm the fans and his own teammates in order to have a happy life once again. But when it comes to the top brass of the Yankees, A-Rod has not exactly made them smile.


Already assigned as the team’s backup third baseman and designated hitter, the New York Yankees may have to turn that decision around. A-Rod isn’t much into being a backup, and between his need to be the best and the Yankee fans’ need to have him back on their field, chances are the “back-up” title will soon be dropped.


A-Rod began showing his ego almost immediately when he appeared for spring training early and made sure to announce that he would battle extremely hard to make sure that he was the starting third baseman once again…no matter what the higher-ups had said. Of course, there was nothing bitter in his tone. A-Rod made sure to follow his (agent’s instructions, most likely), and put on that winning smile, laugh with the media, and talk about how he has always had that mindset to compete.


A-Rod even showed his smiling sweetheart side to Chase Headley, the Yankees’ starting third baseman who the media claim is one of the most underrated players in sports. Apparently, even though A-Rod is all excited and ready to go to battle for his old job back, it did not stop him from showing his new buddy/pal side to Headley as they then enjoyed a game of catch.


GM Brian Cashman announced, after signing Headley, that going into the season the Yankees will have A-Rod serve as the team’s day-to-day designated hitter, but added that A-Rod’s age as well as his poor defensive play on the diamond the last time he was there, would not allow A-Rod to make it back to the starting job. Therefore, Headley is in.


The situation is one big mess. Even Boston and their record snowfall is clear and bright when you compare it to A-Rod and the Yankees attempting to work together in peace. Returning after this one-year suspension, the Yankees’ big boys most likely want him to say so long and head into the sunset, but A-Rod is most definitely not going to do anything of the sort.


You see, even when you take away the actual ballplayers and the feelings of A-Rod’s bosses, the whole situation comes down to the fans. If the fans want A-Rod; if they’re happy to have him back and want him on the field to bring back the glory days, than he will. If those same fans want to trust A-Rod’s smile and embrace him with open arms, Headley may be in for a nightmare competing with his new pal. The Yankees want to win, yes. But in fans’ minds – as it seems to be with an aging Peyton Manning for the Denver Broncos in the NFL – A-Rod is one of those elite stars that has the power to bring back the ‘winning karma.’


And if you don’t believe me…it was very apparent that the fans are already on the man’s side. It’s been seventeen months since they have waved and cheered A-Rod, but in Tampa when he resurrected his Yankees uniform their cheering began immediately. The support of A-Rod was huge, the applause was noted, and it seems that the big guys of the New York Yankees will have to get used to it…all over again.


Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle