Caitlyn Jenner, Shock & Awe that! On the Daily Scream!


Caitlyn Jenner, Shock & Awe that! On the Daily Scream!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream.


I want to start off by asking you, folks, a question: Have you ever done that thing where you jump into freezing cold water Or that bucket challenge? If you have, you know it sends your body into overload, and it supposed to be a good thing. Well, if you haven’t, I have a way for you all to try this in the comfort of your own home. Go on line and search Caitlyn Jenner … oh wow!  That is, was, Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair.  Now I don’t know whether this story is about Mizz Jenner or Vanity Fair.


Because, when was the last time you saw a news story about someone who decided to change their gender? Also, please don’t think I am bashing Mizz Jenners decision to be what she wants to be. I totally agree it is her life and decision. However, I believe if you have a lemonade stand on the corner and 50 people start protesting about chickens not being FREE range, in front of your lemonade stand.  It’s NOT ok for you to change the sign of your lemonade stand to, FREE RANGE lemonade stand and profit from that.


This is Shock and Awe publicity and am I surprised that Vanity Fair did this?  Now a days, I’m  never surprised by how the media circus sells tickets. Is it right? And before you answer that question, ask yourself, do you go to the races to see people win or crash..




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