Ah…The Good Old Days of the NFC


Ah…The Good Old Days of the NFC

 ~ Amy Lignor


Remember the time (that lasted a really long time), when the NFC was all about three teams: The San Francisco 49ers and their amazing duo of Montana and Rice (later becoming Young and Rice); Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers; and Aikman, Irvin and Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. These were the big three that everyone bet on at the beginning of the season because it was already established that one of them would win the NFC, head straight to the Super Bowl and win.


Two out of three of those teams look like they’re heading toward ultimate destruction. Let’s face it, the only true star that people talk about in 2015 when it comes to these three teams is Aaron Rodgers, the skilled QB that people still believe should have headed to the Super Bowl and beaten Brady and the Patriots.


Now this off-season has made it even more difficult for anyone to look at the Cowboys or the 49ers as contenders. Starting with the 49ers. This team that basically ruled over the NFL does have a QB that people were proud of…until they forgot that Kap led them to the Super Bowl his very first try. Yes, they lost; but having a QB who’s first two seasons with the team led to the big game and then the NFC Championship used to be seen as good thing. But now, Kap is even in more of a pickle because the 49ers RB which they absolutely need, Frank Gore, is headed to Indianapolis, leaving 49ers fans to wonder if their team will go straight into the realm of the Jets – a forgotten franchise.


Gore signed to a three-year, twelve-million deal with the Colts. (Yet another contract handed out during this free agency that is beyond ridiculous for the player and the position). He was actually headed to the Eagles, but after he listened to his old college buddy, Andre Johnson, Gore decided on Indy instead. Most likely Andre wanted a little back-up considering he’s the WR that is now going to make a ridiculous twenty-one-million with the Colts and wants to make sure that he looks even better by having Gore run his butt off so Andre can rest between throws.


The Colts need Gore, of course. You are talking a team that has not shown a 1,000-yard rusher for the last seven seasons, which means Gore is a breath of fresh air for the team. And when looking at the player chart, with the names added, Indy seems like the team to beat this time around. The team is young, even though Gore has already posted ten years in the NFL and is coming in at age thirty-two. 1,000 yards+ has been posted by Gore for eight seasons in his long, illustrious career, and he’s still proving that after a decade he can do the job better than most.


Indy QB Andrew Luck is also going to look real good with Gore and Johnson being added to the crew. In fact, he may just be the new AFC MVP when all is said and done.


Then you have perhaps the biggest surprise…DeMarco Murray left the Dallas Cowboys. Next to Aaron Rodgers, this Cowboys RB was the ‘star’ of the NFL this past season. He was relied on a great deal so that a broken and battered Tony Romo could finally keep in the upright position long enough to prove that he was very good at being their franchise QB. Murray’s skills also helped Cowboys coach Jason Garrett get himself out of the doghouse with Jerry Jones.


But Murray is gone. His five-year contract with Cowboys’ archenemy the Philadelphia Eagles puts a whole lot of cash in this kid’s account. And the Cowboys fans are more than a little unhappy about his decision to abandon a team that had a definite chance to make a run for next season’s Super Bowl. They had a brand new “big three” in their locker room, and without Murray the whole ship may just go under.


And the fans are proving their unhappiness in very loud ways. Big news this weekend was that Murray was actually booed when his face appeared on the big screen at UFC 185. The fans made sure to slam the guy and even began burning Murray’s jersey. (Can you say Kobe Bryant anyone?) Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. If Murray ever decides to come back into Texas stadium those boos will turn back into cheers in seconds.


Even without the surprises and free-agency headlines, the NFC is just not the same anymore. The olden days with 49ers vs. Cowboys vs. Packers were a whole lot more fun, with stars that shone so brightly no other NFL teams could even be seen in the golden glow of real Hall of Fame players that made history.



Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle