Adams Dry Fly


The Adams is the most widely used Classic Dry Fly.  The Adams is the one fly that every fly fisher should have in their fly box.  The Adams Dry Fly imitates a mayfly, and is a general pattern for all types mayflies.  The Adams can be tied in many sizes and will imitate a midge, as well as a mayfly in the smallest sizes.  There are several variations of the Adams, I like using Calf Body hair for the wing, makes it easier to see, in some case I use Hi Vis Poly for the wings in orange.

Adams Dry Fly Tying Recipe:

Hook: #10-24 Dai Riki 300 or Tiemco 100 (Size 10 – 20)

Thread: Black  6/0

Tail: Dark Barred Ginger Rooster Cape or my favorite a few Moose mane hairs

Body: Adams Gray Superfine Dubbing

Wings: Calf Body Hair

Hackle: Dark Barred Ginger High And Dry Rooster Cape

Adams Dry Fly

Adams Dry Fly