A Happy Hit Man? – ‘Hit Me’ by Lawrence Block

This author has done it again. With this tale, readers are ‘gifted’ with Keller – the super-cool, fun hit man with an extraordinary HitMepersonality that’s been a true ‘hit’ with readers.

Keller’s a killer and knows first hand that death can and will solve many problems in life. This is the very reason why he faked his own death and moved from New York City to New Orleans where he became a builder; Keller works on rehabilitating houses that were ruined by Hurricane Katrina. With a new identity, a wife and a new baby daughter, Keller loves his ‘new’ life and spends his time enjoying his days and his passion of stamp collecting.

Unfortunately, happiness can’t last forever, especially when the recession hits and money becomes scarce. What to do? Head back to the hit man days in order to accept a few contracts and make some quick cash.

Dot, his cohort in the ‘killing games,’ finds Keller some new jobs. Sending him off to Dallas, Texas in order to settle a domestic problem, from there Keller will travel to New York City to settle a problem with an abbot at a Monastery, which is very difficult for Keller seeing as that he must also worry about being recognized by people from his past. A cruise to the West Indies to off a government witness may come into play, as well as a trip to Wyoming to try and find a fellow stamp collector who may or may not be a philander.

The adventures are fun and fierce, and Keller is still very good at getting in and out of tight situations. However, something has changed in his attitude; when it comes to the business of killing people, having emotions just doesn’t seem to work. So, will the now happy hit man fail? Let’s just say you will have a real ball finding out the answer to that!